Kitchen Details Tour and Giveaways!

 Kitchen Details Tour and Giveaways!

Kitchen details

 Welcome to my kitchen! I hope you’ve been enjoying this amazing tour of 24 bloggers’ kitchens!!

We recently showcased our homes for you and now it’s all about the kitchen details! So let’s get started.

Kitchen details

Let’s start with a before shot of my kitchen {everyone loves a before and after!}. Our kitchen wasn’t actually in that bad of shape. We kept the cupboards and painted them white. We also kept the granite countertop.

Kitchen details

Amazing what some white paint and new hardware can do!! I also added glass inserts.

Kitchen details

 Yep, this was weird. A weird little wall. That’s the only way I can describe it. I still don’t know what it was for. That weird wall and the upper cabinets had to go! Oh yeah, don’t forget the 80s sunshine ceiling!

Kitchen details

 We had a custom hood vent made and added some gorgeous lighting.

Kitchen tour

I had these upper cabinets replaced with glass fronts.

Kitchen tour

 I love how light and airy it makes the kitchen feel. Because of the style of the cabinet door, it was easy to cut out the middle part and take it to a glass shop to have these ridged glass inserts made.

Kitchen tour

The backs of the glass were glazed/glued in.

Kitchen tour

 I decided on little penny tile for the backsplash which I still love after four years.

Kitchen tour

Paint and hardware make SUCH a big difference!

Kitchen tour

I added drawer roll-out organizers to every bottom cupboard. My favorite feature!

Kitchen tour

Kitchen tour

Kitchen tour

Kitchen tour

Our kitchen and eating area is so open to our family room.

 It’s great for making dinner and watching the kids play in the family room.

Kitchen tour

Oh, did you notice that? If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you might have noticed I redid my kitchen island and I’m in love!

Kitchen tour

My kitchen is small but I’m so happy I have this big bay window.

Kitchen tour

All the light fixtures are from Restoration Hardware. You can read about my new chandy here.

Kitchen tour

We had beadboard and corbels added under our bar area instead of that weird wall!

Kitchen tour

 We added black granite to the bar as we weren’t able to match up the original granite.

Honestly, it’s not my fave to have mismatched granite but it’s always nice to have touches of black in every room.

Kitchen tour

 In this shot you can see my ‘famous’ turn-a-closet-into-mini-butler-pantry. Okay, not so famous but in my world it is.

Kitchen tour

You can see on the right side of this photo that we had a kitchen office installed.


They did a good job in matching the cupboard doors with the glass and added the same black granite.


 We added the same black granite to the mini butler pantry.


And lastly, I love these 69 cent tea towels from Ikea. I have so many of them that they don’t fit in the kitchen drawers so they sit pretty in this wire basket.

Kitchen tour

Well, I hope you enjoyed my kitchen tour! Make sure you visit all the other wonderful kitchens!!

And don’t forget to enter the amazing giveaway with 2 chances to win!

Good luck!

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  1. Jamie, What a wonderful transformation. Lots of hard work has paid off for you. You made so many smart choices with the changes you made. I too had the over hang cabinet that came down, makes a huge difference, it is like our kitchens can take a deep breath. Thank you for sharing this part of your world with us,

  2. WOW!

    Boy oh BOY did I ever enjoy your kitchen tour, details and awesome Before and Afters – you have made a huge difference. You know it is funny, too, because your original was so nice………….but then seeing what you did took it so far into a new level, just WOW. Love every single decision. And I love mismatched granite – did it on purpose in my kitchen, actually.

    I have been so inspired with All Things Kitchen this week that I actually featured mine for the first time.

    It is a work in progress and needs updating, but that’s the fun of design – all in good time, huh?

    Have a wonderful weekend. ~Michele

    1. Thanks so much! The glass isn’t frosted actually, it’s like it’s ribbed glass {hard to describe} and I just love it because you can still through it but not 100% 😉

  3. What an amazing transformation! I love the glass in your upper cabinets… your whole room is bright and modern and so fresh!!! Your penny backsplash is adorable!
    You really have a terrific kitchen!

  4. I love all of the pretty details of your kitchen!! I really love the penny tile and how you took down the weird wall and replaced it with a fun bar area. I may have to steal your corbel and bead board look for under my bar in my kitchen. I need to do something with it!

    And I love the new feature photos up top. Looks perfect!! 🙂

  5. Jamie, your kitchen is so beautiful. You had a great before and a wow after! I love your glass cabinets and that back splash is so unique I love it! You did a beautiful job!

  6. WOWZA. Your kitchen is gorgeous. I love the updates you made to the kitchen. The new knobs, in addition to painting the cabinets white, really look great. Were you able to hide the holes because you painted them (so you could fill the holes and paint over)? Every detail is crisp and bright and absolutely lovely.

    1. Thanks so much, Amy! Yes, we puttied up the holes and painted them so you can’t see them now 😉

  7. Woah, girl! What an amazing transformation. I can tell this was a TON of work, but well worth the effort. That penny-tile backsplash is to die for…and this is really getting me excited to own a home of our own someday (hopefully soon) that we can DIY to our heart’s content. Well done!

  8. What an awesome re-do. We’ve just finished ours, too, so I know it can be a daunting task. LOVE the glass on the cabinet door fronts, what a beautiful touch. Adds so much character!

  9. I keep seeing those Ikea towels online, and there isn’t an Ikea in my state. I can’t believe they are only .69! I totally want some! Looking again–that’ .69 in Canadian dollars! I wonder how much they are in U.S. stores! I definitely want some!

    I love your clock.

    You kitchen looks beautiful!

  10. Wow!! I loooove your kitchen reno!! Its absolutely fabulous!! And I gotta say I do like the way you incorporated all the black granite!!

  11. Hi!
    I just came here from Catch as Catch Can @MRL month long link up…
    I have been toying with the idea of painting my kitchen a linen white (right now it is partly YELLOW)
    AFTER reading your post and seeing your wonderful kitchen re-do; I really like the white!
    I’ve had a yellow kitchen for years, about 3 different shades whenever I’ve repainted.
    I think it’s time for white!
    great post. Love how your kitchen turned out.

  12. Hi, I love the way your breakfast bar ledge area turned out. I want to do something similar to my kitchen, so I have a few questions.
    First, how wide is the ledge and how wide is the overhang.
    Second, where did you get the brackets from, are they metal or wood and did you paint them.
    Third, how did you choose on the black granite and what exact color is it?

    I am going to have the same problem as you with the mismatched granite because we can’t find a match to what we have, so we are thinking with going with black as well.

    We were also thinking of changing our island to make it larger and in black as well to sort of blend in the kitchen bar.
    I am not sure how this will look, but I think your kitchen turned out fabulous!

    1. Hi Maryanne,
      Sorry it’s taken me so long to get back to you. Okay, I’m pretty sure our black granite is called Angola black. It’s polished, not honed, to try to match up to the existing granite that came with the house because that existing granite is polished. {Honed means not polished and it looks flat.} Polished is easier to clean but you do see fingerprints more.
      The ledge on the bar area is 15″ wide, 42 1/4″high, 8 ft long. In comparison, my regular counter height is 37″ high.
      I had someone make the brackets, he also added the granite, made the kitchen office and the built-in shelving in our living room. The granite is on top of some plywood {I looked underneath} and the brackets are made of wood. There’s a flat piece that measures 16″high and the bracket itself is actually 1 1/2″ wide. If you’d like me to take a close up photo, it might be easier to email it to you. My email is: [email protected]
      I think that black granite will pretty much go with any granite even white. I think the finish of the granite is most important as I mentioned above so it looks like there is some consistency, but then that’s just my opinion 😉
      Thanks for your comment!!

  13. I love your beautiful kitchen. I have a few questions about your range. I’m guessing the range was there when you bought the house. Could you tell me the make of your kitchen range? How do you like it? It looks like a 30″ wide with five burners. Is there enough space to actually use all five at one time? Would you get a different one if money was not a consideration.

    1. Hi Cindy,
      Yes, the range came with the house. It’s a DCS by Fisher & Paykel. It’s 30″ wide with 5 burners and yes you can use them all at the same time. Honestly, I only use the 4. If I use a large frying pan on a corner burner, then you can’t really use the middle burner. If you were to use 5 small or medium sized pots then you could use all 5 of them.
      It’s an amazing range! It’s incredibly powerful. I cook everything on low. I would say the only con is the oven isn’t very large because the gas cooktop is really large but other than that I have loved it.

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