Paint the Interior of this Cabinet Like Ballard Designs Cabinets?

Paint the Interior of this Cabinet like Ballard Designs Cabinets?

 Today I have a design question to ask you and need your help!

Remember when my dining room had decor goals? We’ve sort of come to a standstill in the house with this room. We had our kitchen renovation in the spring and then many other DIY projects got in the way like the start of  my office goals.

There’s a chippy piece of furniture I’m working on, the chandelier still needs to move over the middle of the table and I’d still like to sand the chair legs. But here’s one that wasn’t on my list of goals for my dining room. It’s this wooden cabinet. For some reason, it just doesn’t seem right to me in this room. So here’s the question I have to you, lovely reader..

Should I paint the interior of this cabinet like Ballard Designs cabinets?

Paint the interior of this cabinet like Ballard Designs cabinets graphic.

Here is my dining room in its current state. (Well, that’s only partially true. Right now I have 49 items sitting on top of the table, don’t ask!)

The dining room table with a wood cabinet behind it.

And here’s that large wooden cabinet.

A large wooden cabinet with wine bottles, plates, drawers glass doors.

Would it be better with the interior painted a white or cream white like these ones from Ballard Designs?

I love this one. It has a dark wood exterior and white interior. My cabinet could look very similar.

Ballard Design Seneca Display Cabinet

Ballard wooden cabinet with a painted interior.

 And these two I just swoon over. The color is gorgeous with the white interior but I’m not sure I’m that brave to paint my entire cabinet (actually, I’m not sure my hubby would let me!)

Ballard Designs Paulette Servers

A greige cabinet with a white painted interior.
A light grey wooden cabinet with a drawer opened and glasses on the shelves.

So what do you think? Should I paint the interior of my cabinet white?

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    1. I think it is too dark. Painting the interior will offset the dark wood and allow the piece to integrate better with the rest of the room, which has mostly light colors. Lovely piece. You have a lovely home and you are very talented.

  1. Really enjoy your blog and today’s post! One question…how can I close the drop down at the top of your post after I open it, for signing up for your blog posts, so that a good portion of your actual post is not cut off on the computer screen? I don’t see any way to close this sign up drop down.

    1. Oh no, Fran! Do you mean a pop-up ad? Or did something else happen? I’m sorry this is happening to you. I did have a virus on my blog last week that’s all fixed so there might have been a few glitches. Did you sign up through the little bar at the very top of my blog or was it that little image on the right sidebar that says ‘click here to sign up for daily or weekly newsletters’. If you have time, let me know. If not, I apologize and will try to figure it out. Thanks for commenting!

      1. Hi, Jamie! Thanks for your reply. It is the “Join List” bar that drops down from top screen. If I use full screen mode on my laptop, then the
        “join” bar is no problem. It is when I use reduced screen size for viewing that the “join” bar at top becomes much deeper. It is not a big deal, I was just wondering if there was a way to “close” that drop down bar.

  2. I’m torn – LOVE your cabinet as is but the inspiration pieces are beautiful too. Why not try a temporary change to see if you really love it? Put something in the interior area(s) you’d paint with double sided tape / fabric, use some removable wallpaper, etc. That way if you realize you don’t love the look you’re not committed.

    1. Great tips, Tawnya. I’ve thought of different things to do like that too. Still a very good option! Thanks for your advice 😉

  3. I would wrap foam core with a gray or white linen like fabric and then put it in the back of your cabinets. It should fit snugly. If you want to change it out then it is very easy to do so.

  4. Try painting the interior a color that relates to the rug and the color of the exterior of your “dream” cabinet. From the shots it looks like you need to pull in the common color of rug and the chairs…looks like a grey tan. Take the advice of painting a temporary background of a few different colors to see what draws the eye and seems to coordinate with what you have. White seems too sharp for the softness of your style.

  5. You could always cover foam core with paintable wallpaper and place in the back to get a feel if you like it.

  6. Foam core cover first for sure, then you will know if you like it that way before you commit. You might just like the idea of changing the foam core out and never paint 🙂

  7. Definitely paint the whole thing. Yours has a lot of doors and drawers, it won’t be quite the look you think if you just do the interior spaces. If Hubby objects, maybe leave the case like it is and do the drawer and door fronts a color? I’ve done that in all kinds of pieces. It’s a good look. Good Luck. Looking forward to seeing what you decide to do! Sue from Atlanta.

  8. Definitely–paint the the back of the cabinet! It will make everything which you choose to display “pop.” I would think a very pale gray might be a good choice since you have gray in your rug. Just a thought!

  9. On another thought, painting the background a cream might bring too much yellow into a mostly “cool” colored room. Just sayin’!

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