Seasonal Burlap Frame and Toile Pumpkin

I will show you how to make this seasonal burlap frame and toile pumpkin art. 

Burlap frame with a toile pumpkin in it.

I made this burlap frame with a toile pumpkin for my neutral fall mantel.

I’ll be showing you the whole decorated mantel next Tuesday!

I wanted something that I could use for every season or holiday that would go with my neutral living room decor. I’m not a fan of orange.

Let me show you how easy it is!

The Art Tutorial

Do you remember seeing my summer mantel? See that little grey frame?

White fireplace mantel with decorated wreath on it and an antique mirror.

Well, this is what is used to look like! I found this glass picture frame on clearance at Superstore. Then I took it all apart and painted the black frame with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in French Linen.

A store bought picture frame.

I stored away all the inner pieces thankfully so I grabbed the cardboard backing and some spray adhesive and sprayed down some burlap!

It was really that easy! Spray the cardboard with a good supply of spray adhesive and stick down the burlap and smooth out. Then you just pop the whole thing back into the frame.

Now it’s ready to use for any holiday or season.

{TIP:  it’s a good idea to wash and dry your burlap fabric once or twice to shed loose fibres}

Burlap frame on the counter.

I had some leftover toile fabric so I drew a pumpkin freehand then cut it out.

Then I washed the pumpkin after I cut it out so it left a frayed edge.

The toile pumpkin in the burlap picture frame.

Want to know how I made it stick?

Showing the double sided tape on the toile pumpkin.

Yep, it’s that easy. I like my crafts pretty and easy.

When fall is over, I can remove the tape, store the little toile pumpkin and add a new holiday motif.

The pumpkin art in the frame with candles behind it.

Remember to check back on Tuesday to see how I decorate my mantel with my seasonal burlap frame and toile pumpkin!!

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  1. Jamie, this is so cute! I love that you made the pumpkin out of a “non traditional” fabric. I have one question – how did you wash your burlap? I need to wash mine, but I’m afraid it’ll just completely unravel and fall apart in the washing machine!

    1. Thanks so much, Emily. Yes, I always wash my burlap, twice! Just pop it in your washing machine with soap like normal! Then dry it like normal. It will fray but just cut the loose threads. Mine’s never that bad though. Just be wash it on its own! And check your dryer lint catcher after because there will be tons of fibres. There will also be clumps of fibres on the actual burlap but they’ll be easier to pick off 😉

  2. That burlap and toile framed piece is ADORABLE. I am certainly going to make myself one as I never
    give away a single frame. I paint them constantly. Thanks so much for a great, easy fall idea.

  3. So cute, Jamie! And I had never even thought about washing and drying my burlap to get rid of all those fibers. They get everywhere! I’ll be washing and drying some burlap tomorrow. 🙂 And I love the versatility of this project. So easy and adorable! Pinning!

    1. Yes! Wash it! Wash it twice on regular with soap and dry it regular too. Just make sure to wash it alone and check your lint catcher after, there will be tons of fibres! And there will be clumps on the burlap too but just pick it off 😉 Good luck!

  4. Love your innovation Jamie – what a great idea! AND fantastic that you can remove it and put up something else – awesome!

  5. One great thing about the blogging parties is finding so many fun blogs to visit and learn from. Love your burlap and pumpkin art. It’s so nice looking, love the versatility.
    sorry I have to go find a frame to make this art. Hope you don’t mind people copying your art? happy days ahead.

  6. Love your burlap frame – I think I have that material for your pumpkin around somewhere too, lol. Great project, and pretty too!
    I linked over from the Work It Wednesday Party where I am participating with my
    Thank You Card, and
    Falling Leaves
    I would love it if you’d stop by.
    Hugs, antonella 🙂

  7. Love love love the fall mantle, esp. the pic w/ the toile pumpkin. I have a thing for toile; what a clever way to add a subtle touch. Headed for my sewing rm/garage right now to see what toile rems I might have. Or if none are good enough I could always search out a fat quarter tomorrow at the store lol! Great project, thanks for sharing it.

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