Square Wreath with Mossy Branches

This square wreath with mossy branches is so easy to make and perfect for summer decor.

Square Wreath with Mossy Branches - So Much Better With Age

I felt like making some ‘art’ for my outdoor area using twigs and moss. Let me show you how I made this woodsy square wreath with mossy branches!

Today I’m participating in Outdoor Extravaganza, the third and last week, hosted by my friend Shauna of Satori Design for Living. This week it’s all about Paint It & Build It Projects and my DIY project is this square wreath with mossy branches. Be sure to catch all the great outdoor inspiration at the end of this post!

I made mossy branches for a project in my book, French Vintage Décor and had them in a planter I painted to look like a cast iron urn. I added moss to these branches first (because of the book project) but it’s best to do it last for this project. So ignore the moss on the branches first when you see the photos 😉

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1.Measure the size wreath you’d like to create. Obviously my wreath isn’t a perfect square.

2. Cut 2 sticks the same for each side.

Cut branches laid out on the ground.
Measuring the branches for the wreath.

3. Add elastic bands to the ends of the pairs of sticks a couple of inches from the bottom.

Tying the mossy branches together for the wreath.

4. Overlap the sticks by a couple of inches and using floral wire, criss-cross the wire all around the 4 sticks of each corner to make secure. The elastic bands on one pair of sticks should overlap the other pair of sticks. If they aren’t overlapping, move the elastic bands up or down so that they are.

5. Turn it over once all four corners are done.

Laying the branches in a square.

6. Wearing a glove, bunch up a tuft or ball of moss in your hand. With the opposite hand, put some hot glue all over one side. Stick the moss tuft on a part of the stick and hold for a few seconds. The glove will protect your hands as the glue will go through the moss. (Like I mentioned above, I had already made these mossy branches for a project in my book, French Vintage Decor, but it’s easier to add them after for this project).

7. Randomly add moss tufts to the sticks. Glue a moss tuft over each secured corner to cover up the floral wire and elastic bands.

Bunches of moss and a hot glue gun.

8. Add twine to the outdoor wreath to hang it like a picture frame.

The square wreath with mossy parts hanging on the fence.

I added a twisty mossy branch to the middle of my outdoor table.

There is a moss covered branch on the table as a centerpiece.

And I also added one twisty mossy branch to the fence too.

A mossy branch is on the fence hanging beside lights.

 I nailed a small brown finishing  nail to hang up the wreath and 2 small brown finishing nails and twine to hang up the curvy moss branch.

The mossy branches are tied to the fence.
A striped outdoor painted patio with a chair with a white faux fur on it.

Then I also added a twisty mossy branch to a demijohn as well! I could just keep going and going!

A tea cart with clear glass jar with branches in it.

I hope you enjoyed this article on how to make a square wreath with mossy branches.

It’s so fun, easy and inexpensive when you decorate with natural items!

Make sure to pin it for later!

Square Wreath with Mossy Branches display | So Much Better With Age poster.

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  1. I love your wreath Jamie…rustic and natural are my favourite! And I know what you mean about not caring for the fence…I felt the same way about ours, but I do love it now that I finally stained it! 😉

  2. Our fence is getting tackled next month- ugh! Not looking forward to it, but we’re all going to take sections and bust it out. It’s been quite a few years since the last time, so I guess I can’t complain. Your mossy wreath turned out lovely and, I agree, a good distraction. Thanks for joining in this year again 🙂

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