Things To Do At Home With Kids While Self-Isolating + Homeschool Schedule

Are you self-isolating at home with the kids and have run out of ideas? Check out this informative list along with my homeschool schedule.

Things to Do At Home With Kids While Self-Isolating.

If you’re like our family, you’re stuck at home for 14 days (or more) and trying to get used to the new normal. I’m not a homeschooling mom by any stretch of the imagination. I love school and I love our teachers. Now I’m loving our teachers even more!

Technically it is still spring break where we live but the kids were just in Maui for two weeks so I feel fine in letting them start school at home early. We need the structure and it’s giving us an opportunity to create new habits that have taken a back seat lately (for example, they rarely practice piano every day and now they are!).

I put together this schedule for us to follow while at home.

homeschool schedule

I’ve been using many resources for educational material from my friend Krista’s post Teacher Recommended Strategies and Best Websites for Home Learning. She’s a blogger (and friend) and an elementary school teacher. I also signed up for Super Teacher Worksheets for grade appropriate lesson sheets.

Our New Homeschool Schedule.

I adapted this schedule from my friend Vanessa Kynes. Thanks Vanessa!

I’ve been supplementing the educational resources with fun things for the kids as well. We’ve been very busy with learning new cooking skills, sewing skills, and new DIY skills.

I didn’t have fabric that my daughter liked so we took clothes that no longer fit and cut it up for new fabric for doll clothes.

Kids learning to sew.

Writing to family and friends has been a wonderful daily task too. We’ve set up our homeschool at the dining room table and also having lots of fun time playing board games.

Kids being homeschooled and learning new skills.

Once you’ve thought of everything you could think of to do at home with the kids, check out this list of things to do online!

List of online websites to occupy the kids

FarmFood 360 – take a tour through Canadian farms

SeaWorld Orlando

Disney Parks

roller coaster rides – so many to choose from!

Smithsonian Museums


Great Wall of China

Le Louvre

Yellowstone National Park

Alaska Wildlife – view animals in their natural habitat

Innerbody – explore the inner body

Prodigies Music – lessons for a new musical instrument

Virtual Musical Instruments – or learn a new instrument virtually

Artsology – arts educational resources

Wonderopolis – answers to kids’ burning questions

Typing Club – practice your typing skills

Code Academy – learn to code

Banzai Financial Literary – learn how to manage money

The Color – free coloring pages

WhatWasThere – enter your city and find out what it looked like in the past

The Old Farmer’s Almanac for Kids – learn

Weather Whiz Kids – learn everything about weather

Climate Kids from NASA

Cool Kids Facts – educational and just fun facts

Kids Think Design – learn different design occupations and practice your own design

Overcoming Obstacles – learn communication, decision making, and goal setting lifeskills

Funology – crafts, games, jokes and more

List of free educational resources

Crazygames – free online games

Toddler & Preschool Age Websites:

Preschool Express

Super Simple – printables, videos, crafts

Preschool Inspiration

Song for Teaching

Busy Toddler

Stay safe, my friends!

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  1. Thanks for the great learning activities! I am currently across our country helping my daughter after she has birthed their 5 Th child. I came to help so not too familiar with resources in North Carolina! We have been “schooling” for a week now & your new ideas are a God send! Have fun with your kids.

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