A Beatrix Potter Party

I will show you how a Beatrix Potter party can be easily put together and it looks adorable!

My sweet and creative sister-in-law threw her son an amazing birthday party recently! It was an adorable joint birthday party with her sister and her sister’s daughter.

Cousins having a sweet Beatrix Potter birthday party together!

And you know I love a good birthday party {who doesn’t?}. The decor was simply stunning.

Have you ever been to a Beatrix Potter birthday party? Me neither!

And what a fantastic knockout idea for an Easter tablescape too.

A Beatrix Potter Party graphic.

The captivating photos below say it all.

I bought my daughter the collection of Beatrix Potter books before she was even born.

Peter Rabbit Library books on the shelf, with baby keepsake items.

I even found this adorable miniature set! Adorable.

Silver baby mirror, cup and Peter Rabbit books.

So when we received this cute invitation in the mail, I couldn’t wait to go!

{Invitation from Anista Designs on Etsy}

The party was just like the books!

Beatrix potter party invitations.

Okay, these Peter Rabbit cupcake holders are too cute for words!

They were purchased from Amazon {affiliate link below}.

Meri Meri Peter Rabbit Cupcake Holders
Peter rabbit cupcake wrappers.

The yummy treats were all made locally from the Sweet Bake Shop.

She even has a cute blog too!

Beatrix potter party with napkins, cupcakes on a white plate.

Did you notice the cute signs in the mossy clay pots? Such a great idea for displaying the menu.

I’ll post the titles above each photo. 

Squirrel Nutkins Cheese Plate

Flopsy’s Lemon Drops

A cheese board with crackers and nuts.

Jeremy Fisher’s Splash

I tasted it and it didn’t taste swampy at all!

A water jug with a spout with cucumber and orange and lemon in it.

The perfect centrepiece! Kale flowers, ivy and moss.

Kale flowers, ivy, moss centrepiece.

Don’t ever go into Mr. McGregor’s Garden! Someone they managed to escape with these yummy veggies.

Fresh vegetables and a dip on the table.

Mrs. McGregor’s Roses

White cookies with roses icing piped on top.

Benjamin Bunnies

Benjamin bunny cookies in a white pot.

You can find the recipe for these too-cute-to-eat-cookies here.

The white iced cookies in a white pot.

Mrs. Tittlemouse’s Scones were snatched up quickly!

Scones in a bread basket.
Peter rabbit and jemima puddle duck in a glass cloche reading a book.

Have you ever seen anything more adorable than a Peter Rabbit and Jemima Puddle-duck reading together under a cloche? I think not!

The weather was stunning that day! So stunning, in fact, that photo taking was a bit difficult.

Here is a lovely tea set on a vintage cart.

Vintage tea cart with cups and saucers and juice boxes on it.

This adorable banner says “We Are One”. So cute!

The banner is from Kylie’s Chic Boutique on Etsy.

Birthday banner in the window.

I love this guest book table. Guests were to write their names in a Peter Rabbit book.

Radish, anyone?

Veggie centrepiece of radishes, carrots and lettuce leaves.

The frame displays the little ones favourite activities and their nicknames. So cute.

Guest book table with the opened guest book.

Such a delicious cake! It was a family recipe made by the cousins’  grandmother.

A chocolate sprinkled birthday cake.

Guests left with their own copy of a Beatrix Potter book and a pick of either the rose or bunny cookie along with pack of gummy worms.

Beatrix Potter goodie bags.
Beatrix potter goodie bags with books inside.

My daughter picked the bunny 😉

Peter rabbit cookie held by little girl.

Let’s look at those Peter Rabbits one more time.

Peter rabbit party.

I think this was simply one of the most adorable parties I’ve seen.

And everyone had such a lovely time.

Doesn’t it give you some wonderful ideas for an Easter tablescape?

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  1. Oh wow….I had to scroll back up and look twice! That has to be the most adorable birthday table ever!! and those bunny cupcake holders are seriously a “have to have”…..

  2. Ok, this party is just beyond adorable. Seriously, shut up. I loved Beatrix Potter books when I was a kid and Landry loves them now too. I would love to do this for Easter. Scheduled it to share on FB and pinning!

    1. Thanks Pamela! I can’t take credit for this one though. It was my sister-in-law’s. It was fun to take photos of though 😉 Love your parties!

  3. This was so adorable Jamie! I absolutely loved these stories as a kid. I loved the cookies and those cupcakes and the wheel barrel! …that cute basket of radishes and carrots was a fun little addition too.
    Hello from our Sunday Best showcase!
    leelee @ paperbagstyling

  4. Hi. I really love the Peter Rabbit theme party. I am having a dear friend a baby shower and I am doing the Beatrice Potter Peter Rabbit theme but can’t seem to find the Peter rabbit cupcake holder where he is pushing the wheel barrow. Can you help? Was this your party shown and perhaps you would like to sell yours? Thanks so much.

  5. I am doing this theme for my sons first birthday, do you have any idea where your sister in law found the books she used as favors?! Thanks! You did a great job with the photos and the party looks adorable!

  6. Is there a website I can order those PR cardboard cut outs (the ones that are used with cupcakes)
    Thanks! Vanessa

    1. Amazon used to sell them but I can’t find them there or anywhere anymore 🙁 I always get asked. They are the cutest things ever, I wish someone sold them! Good luck.
      Hugs, Jamie

  7. Absolutely gorgeous photos. Could you please ask your sister-in-law where she got the notebook she used as a guestbook? Thanks so much!

    1. I’m sorry, I’ve had so many questions about this and I’ve never been able to find them again online. They used to sell them on Amazon 🙁

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