Let Us Eat Cake {Princess} Party

Let us eat cake is a princess party theme I threw for my daughter when she turned three!

Let us eat cake princess party - So Much Better With Age.

For my daughter’s third birthday her only request (for anything really) is pink. Of course she’s not concerned about the decor, she’s concerned about the cake. In fact, one of her little friends from preschool asked her what she wanted for her birthday and she said pink.

She loves cakes, cupcakes, candy and cookies. The 4 cs. You’d think she was talking about diamonds.

Nonetheless, I thought a Let Us Eat Cake theme was in order.

She doesn’t know who Marie Antoinette is so to her it’s a Princess party. To her mom, it’s a Marie Antoinette party.

I didn’t know exactly how I’d decorate but I knew I needed tulle and lots of it.

I started by making my foyer chandelier look like a fluffy crown and wrapping a whole bolt of white tulle around the foyer table to resemble a massive cake and finished it with a big tulle bow. Gift table done.

The house decorated with pink, purple and blue tulle.
A pink and white balloon in the foyer.

I also wanted a backdrop for photos as a special guest was coming. More tulle!

I used my party curtains as the first layer then cut tulle and draped them in strips over top.

A tulle background in purple, blue and white hanging on the wall as a backdrop.

Then I used tulle in the dining room for the fun tea party.

There is a dining room table with the tulle around the chairs.
The dining room table set for a party.
A white bench at the table with tulle around the back of it.

Each guest got to have real (pink) tea in a tea cup. I was being very brave that day.

Party plates and napkins are on the table.
There are tea cups and a cake stand with dishes and cutlery on it.
A vase filled with pink flowers and a white plate with cake on it.

I didn’t want the princesses to get pink cake all over my upholstered chairs so I bought some white cotton fabric and just draped it over each chair tying some pretty tulle  around the chair in a dramatic bow.

There is blue tulle bows on the bottom of the chairs.
White fabric chairs with blue tulle.

Here is the princess cake and pink cupcake table.

A wooden table with a cake on it and a mirror that is decorated.

I used her birthday invites to make a pretty garland with satin ribbon over the mirror.

The party invite that says Let Us Eat Cake.
Eat Cake garland hanging on the mirror.
There are party bags and cupcakes on the table.

The special guest was Anna from Arandelle Castle (ok, Frozen). The birthday girl was in shock. We prepared her but she was still beside herself. She LOVED every moment.

Anna was amazing. She sang her Frozen songs, read the girls a story about her and her sister Elsa and played a bunch of games, gave coloring sheets with her signed autograph and their very own special frozen ice crystal.

Anna from Frozen entertaining the children.

They even got to make a wish with Frozen glitter (all over my carpet, aaak!).

Mommy had a mild heart attack but it vacuumed right up.

All the children standing up with Ana the entertainer.

I then had each girl pose with Anna in front of the party backdrop. I’ll be sending the photos to each little party princess to remember the special day.

My birthday girl was so sad she had to leave. But Anna gave all the girls big hugs and went on her merry way back to Arendelle.

This was definitely a day she will always remember. It was so special. I still can’t believe she’s 3!

Thank you, Online Fabric Store, for all the delicious cake-y fabric.

Source List:

Light Pink Chiffon Tricot Fabric – 12 yards

15 Denier Lilac Nylon Tricot Fabric – 6 yards

Lilac Glitter Tulle Fabric – 6 yards

Aqua Tulle Fabric – 1 bolt

White Tulle Fabric – 1 bolt

Ivory Tulle Fabric – 1 bolt

Pink Double Face Satin Ribbon – 1 roll

White cotton fabric for chairs purchased at a local fabric store

Anna from Arendelle (from the movie Frozen) – My Little Birthday Princess



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  1. omg I love her face in the picture! I loveeee princess parties. I go all out for the girls’ parties every year and it gets more and more ridiculous because I start planning six months in advance. You did an amazing job! I love all the tulle and pink treats. Happy Birthday, little princess!

  2. What you did for your daughter and her guests was just magical and literally brought tears of joy to my eyes. Thank you for sharing the magic with us as well. Cheers, Ardith

  3. Aww-That is so cute!! I hope I have a girl someday soon!! I just love all the pink that goes along with it. I’m glad ya’ll had fun. Your daughter is so precious!!

  4. Wow Jamie, what a lucky little princess to have such an amazing mother! The decorations, the planning, and all the work that went into this event. All for your precious 3 year old princess! Great Post

    1. She LOOOOOOOVED it, April! We prepared her so she wasn’t shocked. I’m glad we did because she also thought Olaf and Elsa were coming too lol
      Hugs, Jamie

  5. That is like every little girls dream party! Well done mama! So, stopping by from the Ella Claire Team – I’ve ran into your blog before and I think you do such lovely work. Excited to be able to keep a closer eye on it all.

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