My Kitchen Style, An Announcement and A Giveaway

  Welcome back to another part in our series, What’s Your Style?

Last month we explored our main living spaces and I showed you how I’m all Industrial Beachy French and how you can come up with your own style.

Today we’re showing you our kitchen styles! Be sure to check out my awesome blogger co-hosts at the end of the post, k?

And here’s our quick schedule to refresh your memory:

end of January:  Main Living Space

end of February:  Kitchen —>> today!

end of March: Bedroom

my kitchen style

So my style in a nutshell is Vintage French but I’ve made it much more complicated detailed and named it:

Industrial Beachy French

I even made myself a cheat sheet!

Let’s see how I did by carrying that theme into my kitchen.

my style cheat sheet

{PS:  if you remember, I showed you kitchen details in the summer too!}

You can see immediately I have a lot of Industrial features: industrial range hood fan & industrial range.

The light fixtures I feel are totally French or Industrial.

The crocks are vintage which to me read French and Le Creuset on the stovetop is totally French.

industrial kitchen

The glass cupboard doors kinda remind me of the beach so that’s my Beachy style.

glass cupboards

Same goes for the blue glass bowls:  Beachy

glass door fronts

The clock and wire basket with red and white tea towels:  totally French.

french clock & basket

The rug = Beachy

Butcher Block = French

butcher block
butcher block

vintage kitchen

I love my honeycomb tile. Not sure what style that falls into. How about all three?

Glass knobs = French & Beachy

honeycomb tile

honeycomb backsplash


And this light fixture is totally Industrial.

Restoration Hardware chandelier

We had this kitchen office added to our kitchen when we first moved in. It has been a life saver for storage and a spot for the computer.

kitchen office

 So here is my big announcement…I’m telling you first lovely readers because, well, you’re just so lovely!

You might be a bit shocked after touring my kitchen:

My kitchen is getting renovated!

Say whaaaat?

I know, I know, I just showed you fabulous photos of my kitchen so why do I need a renovation? {or maybe that’s just my hubby in my ear}.

Well, for one, we only did some minor renovations to the kitchen when we first moved in and the things that bothered me then still bother me now {isn’t that always the case?}

I haven’t really shown you a full on kitchen shot. Here is how our fridge looks. It sticks out like 2 feet from the cupboards. And that massive microwave is taking up valuable countertop real estate.


When we bought this house, it came with that brownish granite countertop {nothing wrong with it} so when we added the bar, we added black granite as it was impossible to match up the existing granite. Okay, no biggie, I’ve learned to deal with mismatched granite. But the problem I find now is that I wish I had that countertop all the same level so that it looks like a large island.


So we have big plans!


kitchen inspiration

via source

Okay, honestly, that photo is just one of 43590 kitchen photos I drool over daily but that is the easiest one to show you 😉

 The Plan:

  • sell current fridge, buy new fridge and have built-in cupboards all around it
  • same goes with the microwave, have it built-in with cupboards all around it
  • white farmhouse sink & faucet
  • white subway tile, grey grout
  • white quartz countertop that mimics carrera marble because I don’t want to worry about the clean-up with kids
  • stools pulled up to the countertop

So yes, nothing earth shattering in terms of kitchen ideas. I’m not a trend setter. I’ve always loved white kitchens, subway tiles and farmhouse sinks. This isn’t anything new. And I really thought about if I should “shake” things up in my world and try something new, branch out, go out on a limb, think outside the box. But in terms of kitchen renos, that’s not really a good idea. I want something I luuuurve for a long time and you know what else?

It’s totally Industrial Beachy French!

what's your style series

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  1. Although you current kitchen is super pretty, I totally get the changes you are making. Can’t wait to see the progress. & I just totally love the cheat sheet you made. 🙂

    Angela @ Number Fifty-Three

  2. Your existing kitchen is gorgeous, but I understand that function is so important. We’re saving up right now for a kitchen reno that we’ll hopefully be starting in the fall. Can’t wait to see how it all looks!

  3. Can’t wait to see the new kitchen Jamie! We need to change our countertops and I too want to install quartz that looks like carrera marble. I want mostly white counters and I don’t think granite is available that looks like marble, and I like the easy maintenance of quartz. Have you chosen a quartz countertop yet? I am just starting to look and read somewhere that the Torquay by Cambria is probably the quartz that looks closest to carrera marble. I have only seen a picture of it online and not in person. I live in Ontario. I don’t know if we Canadians can access everything that Americans can so I’m especially interested to know what you have chosen. I read on someone’s blog (can’t remember who and just know they are somewhere in the U.S.) that they recently installed quartz countertops and they were half the price of granite. The only pricing I have done so far is at Lowe’s and their quartz was $77 and up installed and more expensive than granite. How did you find the pricing on quartz countertops and do you have any tips to pass along?

    1. Hi Sharon,
      I’m doing research now on quartz and there are many companies that make it and most have a white or Carrera. Home Depot carries Silestone {colours: Lyra or Lagoon look similar to Carrera} and Chroma carries one called Lattice that looks similar too. The Cambria Torquay one looks awesome too! I live in Vancouver and so far the prices I’ve been looking at are all very similar across the board. Mostly upwards of $100 installed a square foot and up. Looking online is great for finding colours and edges you want but going to an actual dealer is where you’ll find pricing. Home Depot, Lowe’s, any kitchen/tile centre will be able to help you. Someone will need to come to your house and measure the countertops too so it’s best to go with someone local 😉
      Hope this helps!!

  4. I tried to enter your giveaway, but it don’t like me… keeps loading. Am I doing something wrong? Love the Kitchen!!!

    1. Oh no! It’s working for me now, Debi, but I’ve had a few glitches with my blog today. If it’s still not working on your end, pop on over to the other girl’s tours. It’s the same giveaway 😉
      Fingers crossed for you!

  5. Love your kitchen and the changes are going to be fabulous. I think changing the counter top to one height will be the most dramatic change. I love mine, I just think a raised eating bar divides the whole space. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  6. Ok, so I love your backsplash and I love the feel of your kitchen. I too have an eclectic range in my Decor Style…I just love it all! As much as I love your kitchen now I love love your inspiration kitchen as well. It will be fabulous!
    Hello from winter blues wednesday!
    leelee @

  7. Good luck with your redo! have fun cooking in the microwave etc… (been there done that!) 🙂
    xx Crystelle
    Crystelle Boutique

  8. Gorgeous kitchen Jamie! I completely understand the changes you’ll be making. We’ve gutted and will soon be putting back together the kitchen in the home we recently purchased and I’m trying so hard to make the “right” decisions so I’m happy for the long haul. Love your plans and inspiration. I’ve been pinning kitchens like mad myself. Here’s my first go at what I think I want!!

    1. Jessica! I love your ideas for your kitchen reno. It’s so much to think of making the “right” decisions, I totally get it. I can’t wait to see your before and after. It’s definitely going to be dramatic. Love your style, girl!

  9. Beautiful kitchen now and I’m sure it will be even better after your planned renovation. Will you share where the globe light fixture is from? Thanks! Sarah

    1. Thanks so much, Sarah! My globe light fixture is from Restoration Hardware. I’m not sure that they carry the chrome finish one anymore but I think they still have it in black.

  10. I have white kitchen cabinets with clear glass doors and want to know what & how to display everyday dishes and collectibles so they & the cabinets look interesting and pleasant.

    1. Jayne, all my cups and dishes don’t match exactly but they are all cream color and I just make sure I only keep what I use so all the bowls, plates, sides and glass bowls (on the top shelf) are all daily items. I like all my cupboards organized too. Of course, there’s never enough room in a kitchen so I’ve transformed a hall closet for my pantry and extra dishes and large items. Search my blog for ‘pantry’ and you’ll see how I organized it. Hope that helps!
      Hugs, Jamie

  11. Hello,

    Interested in the Glass/Stainless steel pendants in the kitchen photo. Where can i find them and how much are they going for each?


  12. I love the silver industrial stools…any idea where can they be bought? I’ve been looking everywhere with no luck! Thanks in advance!!

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