DIY Grain Sack Bulletin Board

My DIY bulletin board is made with grain sack fabric!

You may have noticed this wee little DIY bulletin board in my renovated kitchen. I’ve posted many times about my kitchen makeover like here, here and here.

  It’s my “faux grain sack” fabric bulletin board that I made years ago.

It’s really easy to make this unique bulletin board so I’ll show you how!

Upcyled Faux Grain Sack Bulletin Board.

Here is a photo of the adorable little bulletin board in our kitchen office.

The grain sack bulletin board in the kitchen office.

I didn’t have a before photo of the bulletin board I used but I found one similar like it at Michael’s. The one I covered had buttons just like this one too.

{don’t pay for $44.99 for a bulletin board!}

The before look of the bulletin board in the store.


  • bulletin board of your own, either fabric or cork
  • drop cloth, washed and dried
  • painter’s tape
  • acrylic craft paint or fabric paint
  • small sponge brush


1. Remove the buttons from your bulletin board if you have any.

2. Cover bulletin board with drop cloth and staple to the back.

3. I didn’t take photos of how I painted this bulletin board but it’s the exact same way I painted this tablecloth but I just used 3 pieces of painter’s tape to create to blue stripes.

Click here for tutorial

A grain sack tablecloth on a small table.

4. Allow the paint to dry. Attach twine in an X pattern over the bulletin board. I only used two lengths of twine. Start in one corner by stapling the twine to the back of the bulletin board, and follow the arrows on the image below to create the X effect. The small X that I typed in the image below shows where I stapled it in the back.

Using the grain sack to cover the board.
The back of the bulletin board, attaching the fabric.

5. I finished mine off by hot glueing bias tape over the edges to ensure that the staples wouldn’t mark up my wall.

The string on the back of the bulletin board.

6. Add a photo hook and it’s ready to hang!

Grain sack bulletin board in between two lamps.
Faux grain sack bulletin board standing up vertical with pictures on it.
The bulletin board beside a world globe.

I love it when a DIY works out so well! You can either tuck photos under the twine or pin things to the board itself.

Have I inspired you to make your own faux grain sack bulletin board?  Do you have your own bulletin board idea?

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    1. Wellllll, I do recall you doing a DIY bookshelf with a faux grain sack, my dear. I know, that went with your old house. I still love them!!

  1. Now you have me looking at the plain jane steel framed corkboard in my kitchen and saying mmmm….i could make 2 of these with that one. Another project on the to-do list. Thanks for the inspiration!


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