Halloween Tour

This year I decided to decorate my home for Halloween, so I invite you to my Halloween tour!

Mantel and dining table decorated for Halloween.

Welcome to my Halloween Home Tour!

I’ve never decorated my home for Halloween really. I’ve decorated for fall but not just for Halloween.

I had such a fun time decorating for my Fall Home Tour but this was even more fun!

I’m joining some of my favourite blogger friends for this tour too so be sure to check out their posts at the end.

Okay, let’s get this tour started!

Come on in!

Front porch with pumpkins on stairs leading up to front doors with bat and spider posters on them.

Welcome to my spooky Halloween home.

Freehand drawing spiders and bats is well…fun. I am definitely no artist but they were fun to make.

Halloween banners on front doors.

These Halloween door banners were made out of drop cloth.

Door banners www.somuchbetterwithage.com

Come on in to my scary foyer.

Well, it can’t be too scary because I have small children.

Side table in foyer decorated with black cloth and black pumpkins and scary bats.

I think just the word ‘scary’ is scary enough. Although that bat is pretty scary. Okay, maybe the black spiders too.

But those pumpkins are glittery so that has to balance it all out 😉

I got the black glittery pumpkins for $1 at Target. Amazing!

Glittery black pumpkins on side table.

 Scary, but not too scary!

Halloween tablecloth with spiders around it.

 Now let’s move on to my spooky Halloween mantel.

White fireplace with bats on the wall.

 I’ve added some paper bats on the wall from Michael’s.

Black bats on wall and pumpkins on white mantel.

I’ve had that owl for years! I actually bought it because my hubby was afraid of owls for awhile. So many times when he went for a run in the woods near our old house, he was attacked by a swooping owl. Seriously. It happened so often it became on ongoing joke in our family.

{I added that little story for you, lovely readers, but also to see if my hubby is reading my blog…I have my doubts LOL}

Black owl on mantel with candles.

 I painted the scary skulls. Spooooky.

Spooky skull sitting on antique books on mantel.

Dollar store “spider webs” are the best!

Spider webs all around the mantel.

 Do you love those pumpkins? I painted them with chalk paint!

Black crow sitting on a pumpkin on the mantel display.

 I hope you enjoyed my spooky, but not too scary, Halloween Home Tour.

Spider web around the fireplace.

 Want to see more?

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  1. Once more, I am so jealous of you and your mantel! I love it all Halloween styled-up! Your spiderwebs are perfection! And those banners on your front door – I die! Love them, darling!

  2. Jamie, Your decorations are great. I like your bats on the wall better than mine, they have more definition. Great story, did he read it yet. I do that to my husband too. He usually only reads it when he is out of town showing some of his clients pictures of the kids and house. I love the framed book pages behind the owl. Alaina

  3. Can something be pretty and scary (not pretty scary…) because you have done a fabulous job at making your Halloween décor look so pretty yet still a little spooky at the same time. Love it!! So fun to be on this tour with you!

  4. The framed book pages is a great idea! I have a frame that I’ve struggled to come up with an idea for… other than a picture.

  5. I seriously LOVE your front door banners! so creative and original. I may steal this idea for Christmas banners! Seriously … love them! Pinning!!

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