Little Doll Highchair & A Funny Story

I recently fixed up this cute little doll highchair which reminded me of a funny story!

Little doll Highchair & Funny Story / So Much Better With Age

I bought this little doll highchair for my daughter last year and I think one of my children must have sat in it because it broke very easily as I was moving it one day.

I fixed it then painted it this really pretty mint green.

Styling it in my daughter’s room made me think of a funny story that had absolutely nothing to do with a little doll highchair.

There’s only so much I can say about this little before and after DIY project, you know?

A little stuffed animal in the mint colored high chair.

This image I took jogged my memory.

When I was growing up, I had a mirror above my dresser like this one.

On the dresser was a punch bowl.

In the punch bowl, was my pet fish. A big-eyed black goldfish.

I can’t remember its name. Poor fish.

A large tree of life is on the wall in a little girls room.

Okay, so this was the 80s.

As I got ready each morning for school, I used that mirror above my dresser to do my hair.

I teased my hair to death and used a lot of hairspray. Emphasis on A LOT it was the 80’s.

There is a high chair with a doll in in beside the table.

One day I noticed there was a film building on the water of that punchbowl and I took a mental note that I should change the water once I got home from school.

But when I came home little fishy was upside down.

My face looked a little bit like that doll.

There is a little doll in a pink onesie in the high chair.

I know, so sad. Don’t hate me. I definitely learned my lesson. No more hair spray.

And no more fish.

A rose petal table light is on the night stand.

My kids keep asking me for a fish. I cringe. Then I think of poor Blackie in the punchbowl.

I just named him. I felt bad.

A little pink stroller and a small bed with a stuffed animal in it is on the nightstand.

So back to that highchair DIY project, here is the before of the broken little highchair.

A broken doll chair on the floor.

I’m so happy with the after!

This gorgeous color is called Inglenook from Fusion Mineral Paint.

The painted high chair in the pink room.

Hopefully my kids don’t sit in it again.

And I hope they don’t convince me to buy them a fish!

To see more of my daughter’s room:

Little Doll Highchair & A Funny Story / nursery room updates.

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  1. Such a cute chair! I love that color. Stick with a beta fish – they’re pretty hard to kill. I had one in college that I would carry in a big water bottle with a pop-top when I went home to visit on weekends. I gave up on him a few times but he kept on surprising me!

    1. Cassie, you crack me up! I can’t believe you carried your beta in a water bottle lol. Hilarious! Thanks for sharing 😉
      Hugs, Jamie

  2. It’s perfect, Jamie! I think that this little vignette of your daughter’s room is a perfect snapshot of sweetness. She’s so lucky to have a mama like you to make things so lovely!

  3. Cute highchair- that paint looks so silky- and even cuter story. I can sure relate to hairspray in the 80’s. (When I was a senior in high school, the height of fashion equaled the height of one’s bangs…) As for fish, I can’t keep them (or plants) alive, but when I did manage to keep some tadpoles growing for a while in a bowl on the back porch as a learning opportunity for my kids, my son decided to pour bubble solution into the bowl…just because. I have no idea why. I don’t think those critters could have died any faster! Yep, it was a learning experience indeed. Ha!

    1. oh my gosh, so funny! Yes, I agree about the height of one’s hair back then. Good to know about the bubble solution lol
      Hugs, Jamie

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