My Two Kitchens

I was super happy to renovate two of my kitchens in one year.

My Two Kitchens graphic.

I know, I have two kitchens and both were renovated last year. But wait, let me explain before you hate me.

Okay, when we bought our current house, we moved from an 80-year-old house that I loved (I’m going to share photos of that old house with you next week!).

Then when we had our son, my husband wanted to move across town.

I said I would only move across town if the house we bought had a kitchen I loved. Emphasis on loved.

Well, it didn’t. So it was a source of contention for me that I moved across town to a place I didn’t want to move to AND I hated the kitchen.

Fast forward 5 years and I got the kitchen of my dreams.

Then my husband’s dream came true. He has always wanted to have a rustic cabin in the woods.

That opportunity came about last year as well. Totally unexpected.

So….two new kitchens in one year.

A mostly white kitchen with subway tile and open shelves.

Don’t hate.

I get a lot of comments and emails about my beautiful kitchens. Some readers think that the rustic shelves are in my house-house.

Nope, those are in the not-so-rustic cabin in the woods.

Rustic shelving in the kitchen with a custom look.

Wait? I thought you had a farmhouse sink? Did you change it to a square stainless?

Nope, that’s in my house-house.

So let’s set the record straight.

Farmhouse sink (house-house):

A white farmhouse sink in the kitchen.

Square stainless (not-so-rustic cabin):

There is white subway tile and a dishwasher in the kitchen.

Yes, it’s very confusing because both kitchens have counter to ceiling white subway tile.

There are wooden cutting boards on the wall.

Technically the tiles are different. The not-so-rustic cabin has bevelled subway tile.

Farmhouse open shelves with a cake stand and dishes on it.

There are differences though:

My house-house has built-in appliances with floor to ceiling cupboards.

A built in subzero fridge is in the kitchen.

And the not-so-rustic cabin has rustic open shelving, clearly…

Large pendant lights above the island in the kitchen.

While the opposite side of the kitchen holds the appliances with some upper cabinets.

There are stainless steel appliances.

Both kitchens do not have an island but both have a peninsula.

A wooden chopping block in my other kitchen.

Both have little eating areas with gorgeous chandeliers.

A chandelier in the kitchen.
There is a round dining room table with a mirror on the wall.

So hopefully this makes it less confusing for you and please do not hate me too much.

I came up with the design on both kitchens and all the details with awesome help from my friend Dan at DSP Kitchens.

He is cabinet maker extraordinaire.

To see more of my house-house kitchen, click here.

Industrial Vintage French Kitchen poster.

To see more of the not-so-rustic cabin, click here:

My Two Kitchens / rustic cabin.

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  1. I love your kitchens Jamie. They both look absolutely amazing. Open rustic shelves, quartz counter tops, white cabinets, floor to ceiling cupboards with the glass, its all just perfect. Soooo perfect.

  2. Oh I am so not hating. More like jealous. Haha Both are beautiful! I’d love to even have one of your beautiful kitchens. Lucky girl! That subway tile with the dark grout gets me every time.

  3. Haters will just hate – as for me? I’m in love with both! You have fantastic style. I’m so glad I found your blog! You are a constant source of inspiration for me. Both with your lovely home(s) and your candid storytelling on your blog. 🙂
    Keep up the great work – you ARE appreciated!

  4. dont worry Jamie…I too have two kitchens
    We bought a dual occupancy farmhouse with a vineyard…my husband and younger daughter and I live in the main ” house-house” and my older daughter and bf live in the other which I hope to make into a guest house once my daughter leaves…I love your two styles…can’t wait to redo my ” two kitchens “…

    1. Sounds perfect, Lucy! Thanks so much for sharing. I don’t know what I was thinking renovating both kitchens in the same year but glad it’s done. Good luck!
      Hugs, Jamie

  5. Absolutely inspiring kitchens! At the moment I’m planning mine and that’s just what I imagined. The same places for fridge, cabinets and tables. And the same space and windows. Thanks. Fantastic coincidence! And I will obligatory get out our old round German table with a wide carved leg.

  6. I am not looking at another picture. I am jealous.. You are one lucky Lady to have such beautiful spaces to cook in.

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