Styling Trays + A Giveaway

I accepted the challenge and styled a galvanized metal tray.

A glavanized metal tray that is styled in the living room.

Today I’m teaming up with my friend Rachel from Maison de Pax for a friendly ‘competition’.

I mean, not really.

But when Decor Steals sends you and your blogger friend the same item and tells you to style it any way you want, that kinda sounds like a competition to me.

The winner? You guys!

There’s a chance to win your own galvanized metal tray set (2 trays) at the end of the post.

Okay, let the competition of styling trays begin!

The metal try on the ottoman as a decoration.

I love trays and this set is perfect. This long rectangular galvanized tray covers almost the entire length of my tufted ottoman.

I styled it with some fresh peonies, a beautiful hand carved candle, old tattered vintage books and some linen coasters.

Rachel and I noticed right away that we both used old books. We just laughed.

Of course we did, our style is so similar.

Pink flowers, books, and a candle on the tray on the ottoman.
There is a candle in a pink cylinder on the tray.

I used the smaller tray for a tea party.

It’s actually a great serving tray. I’m going to be using it all the time.

The styled tray with tea cups, a napkin and spoons in the kitchen.
The dining room table with tea cups and the galvanized tray on it.
A tea party with cookies and white flowers.
Tea in the cups, slices of lemon on a plate on the table.
A birds eye view of the tray.
The tray on the ottoman.

It was so fun ‘competing’ with you, Rachel!

I mean, really, your boot tray idea was genius. You take the prize.

Actually, I guess we both won.


Okay, lovely reader, now it’s time for your chance to win this galvanized tray set!

Styling Trays & A Giveaway / Design Ingenuity Decor Steals graphic.


Decor Steals sales don’t go live until 10 am EST but just today you get a chance to purchase your own galvanized tray set before it goes public on their site so click this link to purchase right away before they sell out!

Make sure to sign-up for daily Decor Steals.


Decor Steals is also giving away two sets of these trays over on their FB page (2 winners!) so head on over for your chance to win:

Decor Steals on FB

*Open to those with US addresses only

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  1. Gorgeous Jamie! I love your ideas for the trays. Especially tea time as I see there’s a cup for each of us! How thoughtful.

  2. Love the galvanized trays and can think of numerous uses in my home, but I must confess my heart sang once again when the picture of your dining table with the subway tile in the background came into view. Oh, how I need some of that in my kitchen! Thanks for the creative post and for reminding me how much I love subway tile…..

  3. Jamie! This is so pretty! Do you ever have those moments when you want to steal entire rooms out of someone’s home and run off with them in the night? That is me…. pretty much every time I look at your home! Any room really. I love the way you styled this gorgeous tray! I love the shape of it! So fun.

  4. Jamie –

    You both did an amazing job styling these trays! They are both beautiful! It makes me realize my trays are missing a little spunk around here. I have recently started a new link up party with Refresh Living and Vintage Refined and we would love to have you stop by and link with us. The party goes live every Tuesday at 7pm CST.

    I hope to see you there!


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