Update Kitschy Decor

I love taking old kitschy decor items and updating them to add some unique decor.

Update Kitschy Decor graphic.

I love finding unique stuff to decorate with.

The not-so-rustic cabin is slowly coming along but decorating on a budget can be challenging at times.

Why not breath some new life into some old kitschy decor stuff?

And for the cabin that is just what it needs.

Recently I found these two pieces at an antique store.

I think the wooden loon caddy was just given to me by the owner.

He probably felt sorry for the poor loon.

Or maybe sorry for me for actually picking it up.

A thermometer and a wooden loon canoe box.

This thermometer piece had copious amounts of that yellow resin all over it.

Up close picture of the yellow resin on the thermometer.

The only thing I did to these two pieces was just sand them down with my electric palm sander.

Yup, that’s it!

I think they look a million times better with one simple step.

Sanding the wooden loon box.

Now the wooden box looks a little more ‘antique’ than 80s.

The loon box with pens inside it with a sanded look.

And the yellow is gone, YA!

The yellow resin gone from the thermometer.

So what do you think? Would you update some kitschy decor?

The living room wall with skis on the wall and the thermometer.

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  1. What a difference a little elbow grease can make!
    Well done for seeing through the kitsch – I’d probably have passed them both by, but now you’ve given me the inspiration to look at things a little more closely (or not TOO closely, LOL) and see the potential they might have, given a little work. Thanks for sharing!

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