What’s Your Style Series – Main Living Space {and Giveaway!}

What’s Your Style Series

 In November last year I talked a little bit about my decorating style. Then Jenna and I came up with this big group idea for other bloggers to show their decorating styles too.

We’re very excited to share this series with you!

Each blogger will be presenting “What’s Your Style” for these upcoming months:
this week —> January – Main Living Space
end of February – Kitchen
end of March – Bedroom
And what their style means to them.
{check the bottom of this post for the list of bloggers & giveaway!}
What does that mean for you?
industiral beachy french style somuchbetterwithage.com
Besides the chance to win your own fabulous Mohawk rug, it means you can come up with your own style and be brave enough to do it. Just make it up!
Sometimes you think your style has to fit in a certain category like Traditional, Contemporary, Eclectic. Well, it doesn’t. I’ve always loved French decor, vintage stuff, industrial, coastal…see that’s a lot of styles. I’ve put them altogether and added my own flare to it. I made up this term:
Industrial Beachy French
Basically it encompasses all the things I love.
In a nutshell, I love French Vintage. Yep, that’s totally me. But sometimes that can be a little vague. French to some people can mean reds and golds or even blues and yellows from the South of France.
To me it means neutral colors, worn linens, and wire baskets.
So every time I want to add something to my home I remind myself of the styles I love and see if it matches. I’ve even made myself a little ‘cheat sheet’.
my style cheat sheet somuchbetterwithage.com
I don’t just use those three words, I use those words to represent what I really love and now when I want to buy something I can look at it and ask myself if it’s industrial, beachy or French.
If not, then I don’t buy it!
French living room somuchbetterwithage.com

Throughout my living room, you can see touches of beachy with pieces of driftwood, roped covered vases, sea shells.

French living room somuchbetterwithage.com
You can also see a lot of industrial like my old crocks, radio, and fan.
Industrial living room somuchbetterwithage.com
And I think it’s easy to spot the French items such as the architectural objects, curvy chairs and table, and baskets.
French objects somuchbetterwithage.com
I’ve done a lot of styling with my bookshelves and you might remember the post I did on my living room source guide.
bookshelf styling somuchbetterwithage.com
sea shells and books somuchbetterwithage.com
old radio somuchbetterwithage.com
my style series somuchbetterwithage.com
my style series somuchbetterwithage.com

Did you notice? I even tie back my French linen curtains with beachy rope!

French linen curtains somuchbetterwithage.com

In my foyer, you can see all my styles in a nutshell!

Driftwood mirror = beachy  

Pillows = French  

Crocks and suitcases = industrial

Beachy foyer somuchbetterwithage.com
old trophies somuchbetterwithage.com

Rustic console table, old scale = Industrial

Mirror, chippy white frames, drying rack = French

Striped basket = Beachy

Industrial console somuchbetterwithage.com old scale and cotton somuchbetterwithage.com French style dining room somuchbetterwithage.com   French dining room somuchbetterwithage.com

And sometimes I switch things up in my living room and add this ottoman that I slipcovered. I made this ruffly slipcover and will have to post a tutorial soon!

French slipcovered ottoman somuchbetterwithage.com   French style living room somuchbetterwithage.com   ruffled slipcovered ottoman somuchbetterwithage.com

So what do you think? You think you can make up your own style?? What’s your style?

Be sure to check out these fabulous bloggers for their style!

What's your style series somuchbetterwithage.com

What’s Your Style Series


Jenna from Rain on a Tin Roof
Lucy from Craftberry Bush
Melissa from Shabby Love
Laura from Finding Home
Roeshel from DIY Showoff
Michelle from Iron & Twine
Be sure to enter the giveaway!
And yes, I have TWO giveaways going on for a Mohawk rug so DOUBLE your chances and click here to enter again!!

Mohawk Rug winner:  Desiree Franklin

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  1. I don’t know that I’ve seen your slipcovered ottoman before, but I love it! Everything is gorgeous – as always! And I love your cheat sheets!

    1. Kelly, I’m in LOVE with your style! It takes such confidence and it shows. I’m jealous of your huge crock! Love old glass buoys too. So fun to be on this tour with you!

  2. I love hearing that you don’t fall in to one style category…I feel sometimes like I’m all over the place, but I’ve been trying to just go with what I like. Sounds like you do the same and your home is beautiful! Hopefully, in a few years, my decor will have filled out a little, but for now I’m not rushing it. Thanks for sharing and for the inspiration! ~Lisa

    1. Lisa, I’m all over the place but at least it’s all over the place in cute little categories that I made up, ha! And it took me years to figure out my style and confidence more than anything. I’m loving your blog 😉

  3. I think you’ve described your style very well. Love it! For us, it’s a bit of a compromise. My husband gravitates towards darker colors and I tend to like lighter ones. Such a great idea to have a cheat sheet to help make decisions!

    1. Thanks so much, Shauna. My hubby doesn’t like it when I paint everything white, in fact, he bugs me and asks if I’m going to paint him white {maybe, ha!}. I like the contrast between dark and neutral colors though.

  4. Love your home Jamie, And you’ve come up with the perfect description. I was thinking about my own house and style the other day, actually I was trying to describe it to someone, it sounded something like this: swedish, vintage, bohemian, cottage, farmhouse, french, industrial, with a touch of modern… Then I said I force them to all get along, cause we don’t tolerate fighting around here… I don’t know if this place makes sense to anyone else, but that’s okay – we (rather I) like it…

    1. Thanks so much, Keya! It’s the perfect description for me but it sure is a mouthful, lol. Oh wait, your style is the mouthful, ha! Actually, the way you describe your home is perfect! I can picture it in my head and it’s definitely you. I adore your home and your decorating style. I have a hard time NOT picking you every time on GMTG 😉

  5. Hi Jamie,
    Found your blog via From My Front Porch To Yours. I love your decorating style, your colors, the vintage accents, and that you gave your style a unique name! I’m inspired by your photos… pinning!

  6. Oh my gosh! I don’t need to make up my own style! I just found everything I love right here! Your style and taste is amazing and inspiring!
    You’ve got a new follower in me.

  7. Jamie! Love seeing your home evolve and change as you hone your style! Very inspirational for me as we will be moving again to a new home and I will have a chance to start over with honing my style. Hugs!

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