New French Pillow

This gorgeous French pillow looks amazing in any room you decide to put it in!

New French pillow - So Much Better With Age

When I posted about my Mother’s Day Gift Guide, Erin from Bows and Burlap Boutique contacted me and she sent me this gorgeous new French pillow.

Of course I’m in love with her shop! I knew any one of her pillows would look amazing in my home.

I love promoting handmade products.

There is such love put into handmade items, don’t you agree?

 French pillow on couch in living room.

I love the lightweight canvas fabric and the soft grey font.

Her store is full of hundreds of similar goodies.

White pillow with grey font on couch.
A neutral couch in the living room with throw pillows on it.

I could put her throw pillows anywhere in my home.

The French pillow on an old trunk.

Now I need some of her aprons and wine bags.

Pillow on white trunk with wood detailing.

Now it’s your turn! Check out Erin’s shop and leave a comment as to which pillow is your favorite.

Bows and Burlap Boutique

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  1. I just love your home!! I too love handmade, homemade, anything that someone put their life into versus machines or overseas.
    There’s just something in every stitch that exudes life and love.
    Have a blessed day everyone, Hope

  2. Hi Miss Jamie,
    I thoroughly enjoy your blog! Mostly I enjoy it because of the variety you offer and because of the title; so much better with age!! I’m 65 and that’s what I think I am…so much better with age!! Keep up the good work, young lady! Your doing a tremendous job!
    I like the pillow that says “You are my most favorite”! Perfect for my sweet husband! Love, Lucy!

  3. Hi,absolutely love all of those pillows.I guess my favorites are the Parisian ones,Cafe and Grain. Gotta admit that I love the pugs too since I have one.Thanks for the opportunity to win one.


  4. I so love this blog ,it’s so cheerful. Love the bee cushion as I am looking at keeping bees and I too love all things french ! I have the exact same books too!
    Love to all

  5. I think my favorite would have to be the together is a wonderful place to be pillow!! But they all are so cool!!

  6. All of Erin’s products are lovely. My choice would be “Dream Big Little One” (w/o the clouds). I would in turn gift it to my long awaited recently born first grandchild who arrived early.

  7. Oh my goodness! I love her work. I would love to get the “Because someone we love is in heaven” pillow, but I would probably cry everytime I looked at it (I’m sappy like that). But I also love the “Enjoy the journey” pillow! I honestly snorted at the “God bless this hot mess” apron!!!

  8. I really like the “Joy to the World” pillow. Gets me thinking about Christmas, and it isn’t even summer yet.
    Your home is a real inspiration to me. Thank you Erin.

  9. Wow! There are so many to choose from! This is one busy lady! However, I like the “Home Sweet Home” pillow with the laurel wreath. She has gorgeous stuff?

  10. I know it’s meant for newborns, but I love the “Little But Fierce” pillow for myself! I’m pretty small and definitely fierce. 🙂

  11. I’d be hard pressed to just choose one! Wow! I’m re-doing our guest room in a sort of simple French cottage look. It may sound silly but I think the pillow with the rabbit on it would perfect!

    Thanks for a great giveaway, Jamie. I made this shop a Favorite.

    Jane x

  12. I have a son and a grandson who are in Heaven, so my favorite pillow is the one that says: Because someone we love is in Heaven, there is a little bit of Heaven in our home.

  13. These pillows are gorgeous! I have a certain affinity for the French Bee design on just about anything, but the engraving style graphic of the Crown would go nicely with my décor as well. Such a beautiful shop selection. Thanks for sharing!

  14. I love the “when I rise give me Jesus” pillow and many other ones too!
    Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  15. many awesome is hard to choose..”some” of the ones I <3 Enjoy The beachy/summer. French Bee 2 for the french country cottage/farmhouse the because we have someone in heaven pillow..just lovely sentiment. The Sea Shells..all of them..the arrows/feather for the rustic lake house cabin…haha..on and on.

  16. These are so awesome!! I really love the Dream big pillow and I also love the Romans 12:12 one. These are great!

  17. Hello! I shop handmade all the time, I prefer it. I like supporting small businesses. I checked out her shop, but I like the one she made for you best! I have a white slip covered sofa and two white slip covered bergere chairs needing pillows! As always, love seeing your home!


  18. I always love to find a new etsy spot to visit-thanks for sharing this one-LOVE the pillows!! It’s a tie which I like the best but I have to go with the Ampersand 🙂

  19. LOVE them all! I especially lIke the “In the morning when I rise, give me Jesus & coffee!” Thanks for introducing me to this shop!

  20. How would you ever choose just one? They are beautiful, as is your home. Very motivating to keep working on our home. Thank you for sharing!

  21. You will forever be my always is my favorite pillow, but I LOVE them all!! Thanks for the chance to win! 🙂

  22. Oh, my goodness. I like so many of them. The one about loving someone in heaven touches my heart because I miss my mom so much.
    I also like the French bee pillow and the one with a letter on it. I would love to see the “bonjour” that she has on a tote on a pillow.
    Thanks for having this great giveaway.

  23. I truly love your blog, but I always have to go to the home page and pick a topic or post. Then I can only see one if I want to see others I have to go back up to home and scroll thru pages. Is it suppose to be this way? Am I doing something wrong? If it suppose to be this way it’s very frustrating! Wonder if other people have this same problem?

    1. HI Jackie,
      Thanks so much for your comment. You just need to hit the header image on my blog and it will take you back to the start (Home). Bloggers have been saying that we don’t need to have ‘Home’ in the navigation bar at the top of our blogs anymore because readers know to hit the image so I took it off so my nav bar didn’t look cluttered. Clearly I need to put this back on! So I apologize for the confusion. You’ll be able to hit the ‘home’ button at the top now so you don’t have to scroll through anymore.
      I hope that answers your question. Thanks for being here 😉
      Hugs, Jamie

  24. How can you pick A favorite? I like Grains 20 x 20, Home sweet home, “dream,” the shell pillows, “Be grateful,” “Love never fails,” the Customized Monogram 20 x 20 Pillow with Laurel Wreath, It’s in Christ 20 x 20 Pillow, and your giveaway Cafes pillow!

  25. I think all the pillows are beautiful but my favorite is the blessed pillow. Thank you for such a beautiful giveaway.

  26. I love her pillows! I think the “Love Grows Best” pillow is my favorite…among many others!! 🙂

  27. So many to choose from!! I love the Swiss cross pillow! I’ve ordered several and each one as adorable as the next. If having too many pillows is wrong, I don’t want to be right!!

  28. I’ve always wanted a deer silhouette pillow, now I know just where to order me one! They all are very nice!

  29. Love the site. As I was looking at everything I saw a trunk with a pillow setting on it I am helping my husband clean out his parents house and there is a trunk just like this one Can you give me any information on the trunk?

    I look forward to more from your site.

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