Easy and Pretty Ways to Decorate with Flowers

This is my guide to an easy way to decorate with flowers and brighten any room.
Clear vase with blue and white flowers in it.

Decorating with flowers is the easiest and most impactful way to brighten a room.

I’m a little obsessed with flowers. Every time I do a photo shoot of my house, the first thing I do is grab fresh flowers. Okay, I should say after I clean my house then I get flowers. So a clean house and flowers are really the two most important things for a beautiful room. Don’t you agree?

Stunning Floral Ideas

Take for instance, my French inspired dining room. Usually my wooden dining table is just used to hold DIY projects (and occasionally for eating at) but I had to clean this room up first, then add the beautiful flowers displayed in a champagne bucket and the room was magically transformed.

Let me show you some easy and pretty ways to decorate with flowers.

White table runner, with floral centerpiece.

Dining Room – before and after

I love a crisp white kitchen but especially in photos in can read blah. All you need are beautiful colourful flowers and the whole room comes alive.

I love using different creative vessels for displaying flowers, like an antique champagne bucket.

My Beautiful Kitchen Renovation

White kitchen with pink and green flowers on the counter and an Eiffel Tower on the counter.

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Or to display flowers in a vintage basket with a glass bowl of water placed inside.

How to Create a Floral Arrangement in a Basket

Vintage basket with white hydrangeas in it.

Many little vases in a row with a single flower is my new favourite. It’s a simple beauty that I love.

French Vintage Summer Tour

Vintage French gold mirror on the wall with wood shelf below and on top pretty pink flowers in vases.

This bouquet of pink peonies has an unreal colour and against the green sap bucket, it gives even more impact.

I added a glass vase to the inside of the sap bucket so it wouldn’t leak.

5 Tips for Summer Decorating

Pink peonies in a green sap bucket on the kitchen counter.

Even a tiny bouquet of flowers adds such impact and repeats the same colour in the room like how these fresh pink roses match the towel.

French Modern Powder Room – before and after

Gold mirror, little sink, pink towel and pink flowers in small bathroom.

Even ‘dead’ flowers make an impact such as the dried lavender and dried roses.

Lavender Outdoor Summer Table Setting

Outdoor table setting with lavender and grapes on a plate.

How to Pick Art with a French Vintage Vibe

Dried roses, and wooden prayer beads on the table.

This Easter centrepiece was a great way of adding height with only a few bouquets of flowers. I used a French drying rack or cup holder to display these beautiful flowers.

French Bottle Drying Rack Floral Centrepiece

Wire cup rack filled with pretty white, pink and yellow flowers.

My friend Kelly from My Soulful Home loves flowers too!

She has written a book titled A Year in Flowers. It’s full of inspiration that will bring joy to your life. Each chapter overflows with information, advice, tips & tutorials that embraces the novice to experienced floral designer. Kelly weaves in practical advice along with vivid stories.

There are 12 tutorials, coinciding with the month’s of the year, that can be re-created petal by petal or can be used as a spring board to your own designs. You will have more than enough knowledge about flowers, floral care & design after reading the book to create just about anything with flowers.
Purple, pink and white flowers in a vase.
Each page empowers you, not only with knowledge on the how & why of floral design, but on a deeper level gives you a simple way to elevate your everyday.
As Kelly says… “Don’t spend your life waiting for someone to send you flowers. Make your own arrangements”. With her book you can do just that!
Glass jar filled with stunning purple, white flowers and greenery.
A bouquet of white roses on the counter.
In addition to writing this book, Kelly authors the blog My Soulful Home, is co-creator of the app bHome and is producer/co-host of the popular podcast Decorating Tips & Tricks. She is currently renovating an 1886 Victorian farmhouse. She shares this historic work in progress with her husband, two girls & dog Emmett.
My Soulful Home, A Year in Flowers by Kelly Wilkniss  book.

Be sure to pick up your copy of Kelly’s gorgeous book!

Click here to Buy A Year in Flowers now!

Make sure to pin it for later!

Easy and Pretty Ways to Decorate with Flowers poster.

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French Basket Centrepiece

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Floral Centrepiece in a Vintage Basket

Floral Centrepiece In A Vintage Basket poster.


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  1. Jamie! Thank you so very much for sharing my book with your readers. I SO agree flowers make all the difference. Cleaning is a good idea too, but in a pinch just buy more flowers. No one will see the dust bunnies then! Thanks again my friend – I really appreciate it!

  2. I love flowers too! I pretty much always wait until I have flowers before i do any styled shoots as well. They add perfects pops of color, beauty and life to images. I’m still on the hunt to find an antique champagne bucket as well – love that look!

  3. Thanks for all this beautiful, floral inspiration. My favorite is the photo of the individual rose stems in the collection of vases. So pretty!
    Carol (“Mimi”) from Home with Mimi

  4. Your floral arrangement ideas are beautiful! I, too, like to have flowers around all of the time. There is a vendor at a local farmer’s market that has beautiful bouquets and I treat our home to a bouquet every other week. Last week, one bouquet filled 2 nice sized vases and 1 small vase. I also cut flowers and greenery from our yard. Flowers are such a delight! Thanks for sharing your very inspiring pieces.

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