Faux Beam Over Kitchen Bulkhead – Wood Beam Inspiration

Have you ever thought about installing a faux beam in your kitchen? Check out some wood beam inspiration.

Faux beam over bulkhead wood beam inspiration - So Much Better With Age

I love all things French! When I think about a French country kitchen, wood beams top the list. I have been wanting to add a faux beam to the bulkhead in my kitchen.

I’ve been searching for some kitchen beam inspiration and came across some great blogs to find it.

Should I add a faux beam over this kitchen bulkhead?

The faux beam poster with an arrow pointing to the beam.

Here’s my industrial French kitchen. You can read all about the renovation process HERE.

The white industrial kitchen with a butcher block in the middle.

It’s gone through a lot, this beautiful kitchen!

This is the part I want to make look like a beam.

Not the large bulkhead but this tiny one. It’s actually part of the wall.

An arrow pointing to the ceiling where the faux beam would go.

When my tiler was here, I even wrote in pencil ‘no tiling here, I’m putting wood here’.

That pencil marking is still there!

No tiling written in pencil on the wall where the beam would go.
The white ceiling with a black arrow pointing to where the beam would be installed.

I think a faux wood beam would look amazing. I’m thinking of staining some thin plywood or MDF and gluing it down.

I don’t want something really heavy because it’s not really a beam.

A white kitchen with a large sink and stainless steel details.

So here is where I’ve gathered some beautiful inspiration from – from some of my favourite home decor blogs.

White Buffalo Styling Co. DIYd this gorgeous number. That wooden beam is amazing!

A rustic kitchen with a wooden beam in it.

I die when I see this kitchen from The Enchanted Home. Stunning.

The Enchanted Home with beautiful horizontal beams in the kitchen area.

One of my all time favorite bloggers, Dear Lillie‘s kitchen is perfect.

 Dear Lillie has faux wood beams in a white kitchen.

I love Anita’s kitchen!! Cedarhill Farmhouse

I also want that island and double fridge.

Faux beam over kitchen bulkhead wood beam inspiration / Cedar Hill

Jenna Sue Design has unbelievable DIY projects and these beams she added are perfection.

Grey cupboards with white subway tile and wooden beams in the kitchen.

A faux beam would look great in my kitchen, right?

French Industrial Kitchen with full white details.

Let me know your thoughts! I could use any ideas or tips. Thanks lovely reader 😉

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  1. There is a product called Stikwood that I bet you could use to make it look like wood. It comes in different finishes, and you basically “peel and stick” it on. Laminate flooring would also be extremely light and give you the look of wood up there.

  2. I think a beam there would look amazing. Maybe a lighter wood would be more ideal, like a grayed drift-wood piece instead of a dark mahogany color.

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