Little French Wooden Caddy

This adorable little wooden French caddy finally got a little paint.

Caddy sitting on top of a dresser.

I was painting the little kid’s table on the weekend and I thought, I might as well paint this adorable little French wooden caddy.

It’s been sitting around for nearly a year!

I have had this wooden caddy kit sitting around since I went to Haven last summer. It was a welcome gift from Home Depot.

Wooden caddy kit in wrapping.

So I got out the Fusion Mineral Paint again and painted it with the neutral paint color Algonquin.

I had these paper stencils on hand so I just did a quick French stencil.

Le livre stenciled on caddy.

This was so much fun that I want to paint more of them!

So silly of me, I waited almost a whole year to open this and put it together.

Caddy with magazines in it.
Flowers in a little silver vase on top of dresser.

I’m totally obsessed with anything French and vintage items if you’ haven’t noticed.

I thought Algonquin would be too beige but I really love the color.

The wooden caddy on a dresser with a shelf above it.

It’s the perfect little French wooden caddy to add anything to.

Stenciled caddy on top of white chippy dresser.

In case you are wondering, here are a sampling of just some of the paint colors from Fusion Mineral Paints.

The paint goes on like silk! I’m obsessed with it now.

Fusion mineral paint colors on a wooden stick.

Happy painting!

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  1. I love this! It would be so perfect for tucking books or papers you need to deal with into, but so much more design and flair than a cardboard or metal magazine or file holder! I am pinning this and sharing it over at G+ and FB! Hugs! Chloe

  2. That’s so funny! But, you are not alone! Haha I can def see that occurring in my house. Great job, I love it!

    Be blessed,

  3. So THAT’s what that caddy looks like put together! 😉 Mine is sitting on my bedroom floor still in the package. Can’t believe I just admitted that on the www. Love your version!!

  4. Beautiful! I think I had a caddy like that once and sold it in a garage sale. Sure wish I hadn’t now- yours looks so pretty. Love the colors!

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