14 French Style Mirrors

Check out my list of gorgeous French style mirrors and the details I look for when purchasing.

Antique mirror on fireplace with antique wall sconces.

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I most definitely have a thing for mirrors! And if they are French looking, then I love them more!

What makes a mirror French? It’s mostly in the curvature of them and they are usually gold or brass in color.

Louis Philippe mirrors are rounded at the top and flat on the bottom. My powder room mirror is the perfect example. It’s such a classic style and I think they look good in every room.

Gold mirror in powder room with stencilled wall.

Ornate details also make them look French. Like my DIY French mirrors.

Antique mirror on fireplace with reflection of beaded chandelier.
Antiqued mirrors with gold frames leaning on fireplace.

I’ve antiqued many mirrors and have a popular tutorial on my blog. It makes the French mirror look even more vintage with the antiqued glass.

Gold mirror on wall above linen upholstered chair.
Cat in front of fireplace with wooden antiqued mirror. f

Trumeau mirrors are a popular French mirror as well and harder to find to buy online but I created this one for my book, French Vintage Decor.

Trumeau mirror leaning against a wall in living room in front of linen chair.
Roses in mini vases in front of mirror on cabinet.

The most beautiful French style mirrors

I’ve found 14 amazing French style mirrors that have the same elements with either curved tops and flat bottoms or have ornate details or could be a combination of both.

Check out these gorgeous mirrors!

14 French Style Mirrors graphic.

1. Vintage arch mirror with French cleat

2. Adelaide mirror

3. Cecilia floor mirror

4. Infinity brass mantel mirror

5. Gleaming Primrose mirror

6. Levon carved wood mirror by Leanne Ford

7. Aperture mirror

14 French Style Mirrors graphic.

8. Capital arched mirror

9. Kye polished brass mantel mirror

10. Metal frame arched mirror

11. Luisa Hummingbird mirror

12. Waterfall Inlay mirror

13. Emma mirror

14. Mila mirror

Emmy brass floor mirror is also stunning but didn’t make it into the graphic images.

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What did you think of this list of gorgeous mirrors? Is French style mirrors your favorite like mine?

Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. French style mirrors are so beautiful! They provide such such a chic classy look that can totally elevate a room. Looking for one for my bedroom! Thanks for this post.

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