Decorating the Primary Bedroom

Decorating the Primary bedroom in French vintage decor.

Decorating the primary bedroom with crocheted bags on a chair.

They say when you move into a new house that you should decorate the primary bedroom first so that you have a cozy place to retreat to.

Usually it’s the last room people decorate as so many other rooms take precedence. I think I’ve been decorating each area in my house pretty consistently and evenly throughout.

Because a lot of the house is still not in complete order, I love how my bedroom is all white and uncluttered. There’s literally no decoration so it’s such a serene and peaceful place.

But it won’t stay like this forever.

I just finished painting a dresser so I can’t wait to move it into the room and really start decorating.

I will add a few more decorative touches and some ‘color’. Color as in more neutrals, textures and patterns.

A neutral bed with pillows on top.

Today I’m sharing with you how decorating the primary bedroom is coming along with some before and after photos.

Decorating the Primary Bedroom

Remember what my master bedroom used to look like?

The flooring in here didn’t match any other room in the house which was odd, and looked out of place.

A before picture of a dark bedroom with a brown chest of drawers and a floral picture on the wall.

You can see inside the master ensuite.

An old bed with a red floral bedspread on it.

I just love cushy carpet in bedrooms so I got this beautiful cream-colored carpet.

I still need end tables but for now chairs will do.

A new bed that is neutral with a white bedspread and a glass bedside table lamp.

Yes, I’m aware I need a duvet cover.

There is a chandelier above the bed with crystals on it.

I put up the curtain rods and for now I’m just using old curtains I had sewn with blackout lining. I’m still deciding on fabrics so I can sew new curtains for this room.

A black curtain rod with white curtains.

I just painted a dresser for this side of the wall and it turned out GORGEOUS! I can’t wait to show you!

Finally, no more bins!

Bins in the bedroom with personal items in them.
There is a large mirror with white details.

My sister loves to crochet. She loves a lot of color but she often makes me blankets and things in my favourite neutral colors. She just made me these three beautiful baskets.

Large and small grey and white crochet bags on a small chair by the bed.
Neutral crochet baskets on a small chair.

I stuffed a blanket in the large basket but the other two are standing completely on their own.

Up close picture of the handmade baskets.
Up close of the kitted grey baskets.
The grey and white neutral totes.

I love them! They are so versatile too. You could use them as totes, decoration or baskets. 

Would you buy one of these from her? She might take custom orders if anyone is interested.

Left to be done in the master bedroom:

  • duvet cover
  • decorative pillows
  • night stands
  • sew new curtains
  • new dresser (done!)
  • artwork

And be sure to see my master ensuite makeover:

Faux Carrara marble master ensuite graphic.

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  1. I love the sereneness of the bedroom. Great bench at the end of the bed! I’d definitely buy a basket from your sister if she is willing to make some. The sweet bungalow is certainly coming along!

  2. Love the bed/headboard….I am wanting something like that for my master if you don’t mind sharing where it’s from 🙂

  3. Your whole house is just awesome, love how you used the crocks.. Yes I would buy one of your sisters baskets…. I would use for placing my pillows off my bed. Let know if she is sill making the baskets. You did a great job with the whole house.

    1. Yes, she still makes them but she just had a baby so it might take awhile. I think she might have some still though at her place.
      Hugs, Jamie

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