How to Plant Herbs in Metal Containers

I’ve taken everyday metal containers and turned them into a potted herb garden.

Planted herbs in small containers on cart.

We love having fresh herbs in the summer and last year I planted a herb garden in some metal containers that I had around the house. I love using unique vessels for my floral arrangements and herb garden. The herbs did okay but not having proper drainage was a problem as the soil stayed too wet.

Black bar cart with plants and glass vase.
Various herbs in buckets on cart.

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This year I decided that some drainage was needed, so I had Aaron drill one hole in the bottom of each metal container and got to planting my garden of fresh herbs.

He used a drill bit for metal and wood

Drilling in bottom of metal container on grass.

It wasn’t necessary but I added a layer of rocks to the bottom of the larger metal container then soil and added the herbs. I used a regular container potting soil like this one and not garden soil.

Rocks in metal bucket on grass.

I planted two oregano plants together (Greek oregano and golden oregano. Chives on their own and thyme on its own. 

(I’ve always said I have a black thumb but I’ve been learning more and my friend Ann from On Sutton Place is a great resource for gardening tips!)

Herb garden on black bar cart.

I love our little fresh herb garden on the outdoor bar cart as it can easily be rolled out when it rains to catch some water as it’s covered a bit by the side of the house. It’s convenient to grab a few fresh herbs from the kitchen. 

Black cart with herb plants on it.

You can find metal containers here:

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How to Plant Herbs in Metal Containers graphic.

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  1. Ann is a great source of plant knowledge. I adore Hostas and she wrote a wonderful ebook. My printer has been busy. I am going to plant herbs as soon as we get into new house. Hurry up 21 days and slow down 21 days.

  2. That cart is so nice! A drill is a handy thing for repurposing items as planters, I’ve even managed to add drainage to ceramic on occasion. Best of luck with your herbs – the smell of basil always gives me an instant craving for Bruschetta!

    1. I agree, Vanessa! Basil and Italian food go hand in hand, don’t they? That’s impressive you’ve drilled through ceramic!
      Hugs, Jamie

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