DIY Crocks


I found some beautiful crocks at the thrift store and created a DIY tutorial for you.

DIY Crocks / displayed with wooden Christmas tree and mirror.

It’s great satisfaction finding items at a thrift store to repurpose and make beautiful again!

Today I’m joining 29 other bloggers to take a thrift store challenge. I’m so happy that Alice from Thoughts from Alice contacted me.

First, her blog and her photography are gorgeous, to say the least. And second, I found out we have a lot in common other than blogging. So if you haven’t checked her blog, you must!

So the challenge she posed was for each of us to find something at a thrift store for under $25 and give it a Christmas makeover. I found some ugly kitchen canisters and turned them into beautiful crocks.

DIY crocks - So Much Better With Age

Here is the before photo of the kitchen canisters I picked up at the thrift store while junking with my blogger friends.

 These are definitely circa 1992.

White crocks with graphic scribble lines on them sitting on a counter.

Everyone knows how much I LOVE crocks.

If Medalta called me one day, I would die. DIE!

I tried to copy that putty color. I practiced a little bit with some craft paint but I wanted to spray paint it so I knew this was going to be difficult DIY.

Paint, a paint brush, crock and paper on the counter.


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I spray painted at night in the garage so I don’t have any photos, nor would you want them but this is how I painted it, allowing to dry between coats.

  1. I first primed it with Kilz spray paint primer
  2. Then I spray painted with Rustoleum Navajo White Gloss
  3. I added another layer using Rustoleum Heirloom White Satin
  4. I sprayed a very light layer of Krylon Smoke Gray Gloss to make it a bit speckled and add some dimension. You don’t need a lot, spray holding the can quite far from the crocks
  5. To hide most of the gray, I sprayed one last layer of Rustoluem Navajo White again.

Then I used black craft pain and a stamping kit to stamp 1/2. I used a brush to make the line.

Painting the scribbled crocks.

For the larger jar, I stamped ‘pottery’ on it.

To make it look older, I waited a minute then wiped it off.

Putting a 1/2 stamp on the crock in black.

As any DIY blogger would do, I just used the spray paint that I had in my garage.

I would like to try to find more canisters and practice with different colors, especially some soft brown spray paint.

My crocks are a bit on the light side but I’m happy with them nonetheless.

A large and a small crock on the shelf.
Stamped crock on the shelf.

 So here they are all decorated for Christmas!

The best part is they can be used all year round as they go perfect with my neutral French vintage decor.

Two crocks with Christmas tree branches in them.
Two books about Christmas leaning against the crocks.
The crocks with berries and baubles beside it.
The crocks displayed with a wooden Christmas tree beside them.
Silver balls beside the crock.

Be sure to check out my 29 co-hosts who turned other thrift store finds into gorgeous holiday decor!!

Make sure to pin it for later!

DIY crocks before and after poster.

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  1. Wow Jamie- what a great project! I think you’ve got me hooked on crocks too. I love that you saw potential in something so, well, 80s. I would have walked right past those in the thrift store. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Stop it! I can’t believe you made those nineties canisters look so beautiful and charming! You are amazing my friend and I am blessed to know you 🙂 So happy you took the challenge with me!

  3. I love these. They especially look great with the little trees in them. I would definitely try this. I love crocks too. Great job!

  4. I love crocks, so you had a running start with me! And how you “re-created” them is incredible. The festive greenery really perks up the look to this vintage-y transformation.

  5. These are so SO good! I actually prefer your lighter versions for this holiday vignette. DEFinitely keeping this in mind next time I see some dated canisters… love the idea of stamping them. Great makeover! xxCharlotte

  6. I took some old milk chocolate looking canisters and did same thing over my. I put actual crock names on them….. I even red wing, diamond pottery, blue ribbon and blue crown design. And love them,

  7. I love your crocks. I’m going to buy the paint today. I’m hoping to spray a white crock. Do you need more of a putty color or is that too dark?

  8. Love this! I have a utensil crock that I would like to paint – how is the paint holding up? Do you think it would hold up being used a lot in the kitchen?

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