Light and Bright Neutral Walls

I painted my walls a neutral colour and the result was a very light and bright wall!

Light and bright neutral wall with suitcases on a wooden console table.

I’m slowly getting some beautiful artwork up at the not-so-rustic cabin in the woods.

I love the look of neutral walls as I’m sure you guessed.

It makes the artwork pop but it also makes every room light and bright.

Next, I need to get some bedside lamps but wanted to show you a few small additions to the cabin.

A rustic cabin bedroom feel with light white walls.

I found some thrift store artwork recently and thought it would go nicely with the rustic West Elm bed.

I think they were $2.99 each. Score.

A rustic wooden headboard for the bed and a lake picture on the wall.

This staircase used to be soooo dark. I’d like some more artwork up there but I love the bright airiness of it right now.

I’m also dying to paint the interior of the front door black.

Painted walls descending down the staircase.

I got this gorgeous drop leaf vintage table from my bestie Nikki.

It’s perfect for extra seating but I love the vintage suitcases currently on it.

Antlers and vintage suitcases on a wooden table.

Still adore the deer head and vintage skis.

Vintage skis on the wall with a deer head by it.
A light grey couch with neutral pillows and a throw blanket.

 The entire cabin was painted with Behr Marquee Varnished Ivory.

It goes on in one coat! I’m not kidding. It’s pretty cool.

Light and bright neutral walls / Behr Marquee Varnished Ivory.

To see the whole source guide list, click here.

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      1. Yes, it’s needs more decorating, Dorothy, I agree. I just added a few pieces of art for now. Thanks for the tip 😉
        Hugs, Jamie

  1. Beautiful rustic cabin charm you have going on here! I may cry if you paint that gorgeous wood front door black! LOL

    1. Thanks Debbie! Oh no, you like the wood as is? I feel it doesn’t go with the tile flooring. I might change my mind 😉
      Hugs, Jamie

  2. I love the varnished ivory color. I’m regretting not painting my living and dining room white now… I just may have to redo it!

    What do you find that the undertone is in that color?

    I tried the marquee for our rental project and was absolutely amazed with it. We painted the whole thing in a color called etched glass… A really pretty gray that reads blue in some light. I love it so much that it makes me want to repaint my whole real house again! Ugh

    1. I love the paint color and have always used Behr paint. Love the Marquee line too. The undertones are great. Greyish/beige not yellow.

      Hugs, Jamie

  3. Hi Jamie,
    Cabin looks fabulous!
    Was wondering where you got your duvet … love the stitching style 🙂
    And, how does it work out without a duvet cover?

  4. Hello!
    I am thinking of painting my entire downstairs in this same color. Did you paint all your trim and ceiling in the same color? Also, if you did, did you change the sheen for the ceiling or trim?
    Thank you

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