How to Add Vintage Aesthetic to a Modern Home

Looking to add some vintage character to your home? Everything vintage is in today’s article. What is vintage and how to add it to a new or modern home!

Amber Interiors - vintage aesthetic  with a wooden sideboard.
via Amber Interiors

I am obsessed with vintage. Even as my style and taste has evolved, my love (obsession) for all things vintage runs deep. It says so much about a room when a touch of vintage is added. I can’t believe I haven’t done a post on this that I couldn’t wait to share my thoughts.

What is vintage?

The term vintage is a popular term nowadays. It’s been used instead of antique because a true antique is something that is at least 100-year-olds. While vintage items can definitely be antique, vintage refers to items or furniture that is from a different era and could be 50 years old. Obviously something that is new is not vintage but today there were many items that are made with a look vintage so although I love the real deal, adding items that have a ‘vintage look’ is equally fine to add a vintage aesthetic to your new or modern home.

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Why add vintage Decor?

Vintage adds something to your home that makes it unique and not so cookie cutter like every other home out there.

The problem today with everything being so accessible is that anyone can buy a complete ‘look’ from a showroom store and quite possibly have that same look as their neighbor. That’s boring!

Finding things that are vintage to add to your home adds some texture, some uniqueness, and some character to your home.

How to achieve that vintage style to your home?

You can add some historic charm to your home through decor, hardware, mirrors, art, rugs, furniture and light fixtures.

You can see below how just a pop of vintage adds so much warmth to a newly decorated space.


Adding decorative accessories like the vintage scale by the cookbooks, an old crock and a vintage board are just some of the ways to add vintage elements to a kitchen.

There is a wooden breadboard in the kitchen.
Utensils are in a French crock.

In my laundry room, I added another vintage crock and I had a laundry bag that I cut out and framed. Not actually vintage but adds that vintage flair.

A vintage Laundry room sign.

Glass demijohns whether new or old add rustic charm to a room.

There is a green glass vase on the counter with a bread board beside it.

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My all-white kitchen needed some vintage hardware to add unique personality.

A white kitchen counter with a farmhouse sink.

I also had a ‘new’ glass door knob added to our main floor powder room.

The door to the bathroom is ajar.

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Antiqued mirrors are a sure way to add a vintage aesthetic to your home. Finding vintage ones can be hard so I created my own!

Check out my tutorial on how to antique your own mirrors (along with a video).

A white fireplace mantel.

And I have a tutorial on how to make a mirror extra-vintage looking.

Anthropologie inspired DIY French gold mirror

French inspired gold gilded mirror is on the fireplace mantel.


Vintage art, like these inexpensive downloadable vintage art pieces, are the easiest way to add unique personality to your home.

A wooden dining room table.

Black and white engravings have been my favorite so as long as I can remember and I used to collect them!

Black framed prints on the mantel in the living room.

I found this beautiful vintage art piece at a thrift shop years ago and also love the patina on the frame.

An antique painting on the stove.

Shop Vintage Art


My vintage rug is technically new but rubbed and scraped to appear vintage. It changes the whole look of my living room.

A grey couch in the living room with a white coffee table.


Adding true vintage pieces like a large antique armoire to a modern space really adds wow to a room.

A vintage looking tufted bench at the foot of the bed.

Even furniture that is new but made to look vintage adds so much vintage appeal.

Neutral armchair with a velvet green throw pillow on it.

light fixtures

Light fixtures like chandeliers, pendants and sconces really create a feeling of warmth and old world charm to a room.

Pink and green vintage aesthetic in a little girls bedroom.
Large floral display on the kitchen island.

Other Vintage Examples

Now here are some gorgeous images from other designers that do such an amazing job of incorporating vintage into their spaces.

The mirrors and art pieces in this bathroom created by Blanc Marine Living is visually appealing and adds depth to a modern space.

Blanc Marine Living - vintage aesthetic

Kristin Laing Design adds texture to an all-white bathroom with the vintage rug, basket and art pieces.

Kristin Laing Design - vintage aesthetic

Park and Oak Interior Design add rustic elements to this laundry room with the floor, the door, the hardware, shelf and artwork.

Park and Oak Design - vintage aesthetic

Amber Interiors always does a perfect job of blending vintage to a modern space. The antique mirror and vanity are stunning!

Amber Interiors - vintage aesthetic

W Design Collective dropped a vintage chandelier along with a vintage-looking fireplace to this space that is stunning.

W Design Collective - vintage aesthetic

Kelly Hopter Interiors instilled old world charm by taking antique doors and retrofitting them on this refrigerator.

Kelly Hopter Interiors - vintage aesthetic

Heidi Caillier Design adds thoughtful personality to this living room with many touches of vintage charm.

Heidi Caillier - vintage aesthetic

Lisa Staton Design makes a statement with this bold vintage cabinet in this modern, beautiful kitchen.

Lisa Staton Design - vintage aesthetic

Seeking Lavender Lane created a vintage European feeling in her newly renovated home.

Seeking Lavender Lane - vintage aesthetic

Heather Bullard always adds vintage cool to her modern home.

Heather Bullard - vintage aesthetic

JDP Interiors via Jenni Kayne does shelf styling to perfection with many vintage elements.

JDP Interiors - vintage aesthetic

I hope this has helped you to add vintage aesthetic to your home. What are some of your favorite vintage elements? Let me know in the comments below.

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How to Add Vintage Decor to a New Home.

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  1. One of the silliest trends I have seen lately is arranging books either by color, covered in a pain jacket with no indication of what the book is, or with the spines facing outward on a shelf. How in the world does one find a book when it’s needed? Unless, of course, you only use books for decoration and not for the information they contain.

    1. I agree. It looks pretty, but for anyone who actually reads their books or uses them for inspiration or research, it is a useless system.

      1. Mostly, this is how I find my treasures.
        Brimfield shows, 3 time a year in Massachusetts, Scott Antique Markets in Atlanta and Columbus, Ohio, Round Top in Texas, and attending myriad auctions in person and online is where I find most of my treasures. I also prowl antique stores, flea markets, and yard and estate sales. My mother used to drag me around to these places when I was a child in the 40s and 50s and I caught the bug.

  2. Have you found any good websites for shopping vintage treasures. In particular, vintage and antique furniture. Thanks for your feedback

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