How to Style Your Bed With Different Sized Sleeping Pillows

Do you and your partner have different sleeping pillows? This article will show you how to style your bed with different sized sleeping pillows.

White neutral bedroom with white chandelier.

Do you have this problem? The pillows you sleep with are impossible to make your bed look nice. I’m a side sleeper so my pillow looks like a brick. My husband is a stomach sleeper so his pillow is thin (it gets so thin and small I’ve nicknamed it the ‘napkin’.

How do you make your bed so it doesn’t look lopsided?

stacked pillows for photo shoot

Here’s what I did for the last photo shoot I did. I stacked pillows and changed them out. Then afterwards I thought this is ridiculous! I shouldn’t have to change out pillows just for a photo shoot.

White bed with linen headboard with white chandelier.

The pillow situation

Here are our sleeping pillows. The closest one is mine and is quite large and the ‘napkin’ is the one farther away.

Sleeping pillows in bed with linen headboard.

I’ve added shams on top of the duvet but my trick for making them look okay…

Sham pillows on white duvet.

…is putting a flat pillow in the sham on my larger pillow and a fuller pillow in a sham on my husband’s flatter pillow.

Two pillows on white bed with graphics saying flat pillow in sham and fuller pillow in sham.

So now when you look at the pillows when you walk into our bedroom, they look all the same size!

Neutral bedroom with white bedding with linen headboard and white chandelier.

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I hate making my bed in the morning with a bunch of pillows so I like to keep things simple. This is the easiest way to I’ve found to make your bed look pretty while having different sleeping pillows from your spouse.

What do you think? Do you have this same problem?

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  1. Hi Jaime
    I use 3 European square pillow and tuck my sleeping pillows behind them and all my decorative pillows in front. Get lots of compliments on my beautiful bed. So easy. My husband pillows and mine are also very different.

    1. Hi Vicky,
      I’ve done that before too! Love European pillows. When I changed my bedding, I had a hard time finding Euro sized pillows in the same fabric. I’m sure your bed is so beautiful!
      Hugs, Jamie

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