Organizing Kids’ Keepsakes – Birthday Cards (Free Printable)

How to organize kids keepsakes so that you can find them easily. Enjoy the free printable birthday cards!
Organizing Kids Keepsakes (Birthday Cards) Printable - So Much Better With Age

Let me show you how I organize my kids’ keepsakes (birthday cards) along with a free printable for you to download for your keepsakes.

I’m a super organized person but also very sentimental when it comes to keepsake stuff. Especially stuff for my kids.

Most baby books go until the age of 5 so I think it would be a good idea to save those special birthday cards from 1-5 years of age.

If you toss them, that’s fine. But if you are like me and want to keep some, here is my solution!

A pretty pink ribbon around birthday cards.

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Next slip it on the top of the birthday card pile and add them to photo box like this one.

This is my favorite paper cutter for cutting the card stock with.

A first birthday card on the table.

Then you just need to wrap each pile of birthday cards for that year with pretty twine or ribbon.

A pink photo box for the cards

Put all the 5 years of birthday cards into the photo box and store along with your child’s baby book.

A card laid out on the table.

I have two boxes for each of my kids.

One box I labelled ‘birthday cards’ for the five years of birthday cards and another box for just random keepsakes.

Pink and white polka dotted boxes.

For the ‘keepsakes’ box, I have letters from Santa, tooth fairy letters, Valentine’s cards from mom and dad, anything special you’d like them to keep.

I have the keepsake boxes on a special shelf in my office and I can add to that box throughout the year.

Cards and flowers on the table.
Striped blue and white boxes.

There are so many items for the kids that you can keep and if you don’t care about keeping birthday cards, then don’t stress yourself if you didn’t keep them or don’t want to hang on to them.

For me, one shoebox of cards is a sweet, sentimental item to keep.

And a keepsake box is a perfect way to add special momentos over the years.

The wrapped cards on the table.
First birthday card printables.

I hope this helps you get your kids’ special birthday cards organized!


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Organize Kids Birthday Cards with Free Printables - So Much Better With Age

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  1. Very sweet! As you children enter the years over 5 you might consider the following: I have “keeper files”, not scrapbooks. So much of what my children wanted me to keep is 3-dimensional – that beautiful work of art they created, a purse that was ruined by nail polish seems to be an important memento, etc. Once they caught onto the fact that these files existed, they started driving the ship! I was recently handed some t-shirts and asked to add them to the file (Homecoming t-shirt, etc). I envision be-questing them each their files when they have their first child.
    The other thing I’ve just done was go through 10 years of photos and divided them into 4 boxes, but first I had my favorite 250 photos scanned onto a CD. Each child got their box and a copy of the CD for Christmas this year. They were old enough now to really appreciate it. I made a copy of the CD for the grandparents and uncles. It was a hit. Sorry to be so long winded! Your site is so lovely – thank you.

    1. Such great ideas! I have folders right now for the kids artwork until I figure out what to do with them. Thanks for your sweet comment.
      Hugs, Jamie

  2. Great tips! I have three kids and poor #3 has gotten the shaft, lol! They each have large Memory Boxes that I try my best to fill with those important keepsakes. Thank gawd for sites like Shutterfly where I can turn their endless artwork into books (versus keeping the art). Visiting from Style Showcase party.

  3. Nice, you posted this article. You can show your creativity making cards and your feeling towards that person.

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