Wallpaper and Canvas Art

Showcasing wallpaper as art by making it into a canvas!

Wallpaper and canvas art hanging just above a console table.

Today is the last part of our three-part series on One Item Project Challenge.

The first week was twigs, the second week was fabric.

This week’s challenge? Wallpaper!

We were each able to choose a gorgeous roll of wallpaper from Spoonflower. The hardest part was choosing which beautiful roll.

What did I do with my roll of wallpaper?

I made some artwork with it! Let me show you how.

Cherry blossoms with birds and butterflies in a pink motif.

My daughter’s room at the rustic cabin in the woods needed some updated artwork so I thought a roll of wallpaper on two canvases would look beautiful.

So I purchased two canvases, 24 x 36 inches in size.

And got this beautiful roll from Spoonflower.

A roll of wallpaper laid out on the table.

I painted the sides of the canvas pink to match the wallpaper.

Painting the sides of the canvas pink.

Figure out where you want the wallpaper to lay on each canvas and cut leaving about an inch on all sides.

Laying the wallpaper out beside the canvas.

Next you need to ‘book’ the wallpaper. Booking the wallpaper means to wet the adhesive backing then fold the top and bottom over to meet the middle and let sit for about 3-5 minutes.

(The wallpaper comes with a handy instruction sheet just in case you forget)

Letting the wallpaper dry once on the canvas.

I found it easiest to lay the wallpaper on the floor with the backing facing up and placing the canvas over top.

Flip over and smooth the wallpaper over until all the air bubbles are out.

Once dry, cut the edges of the wallpaper for a clean edge. I used my fabric cutter.

Trimming the edges of the canvas.

There was one edge that wasn’t sticking so I re-wet the backing and pressed firmly in place then stuck a huge pile of heavy stuff on it and let it sit like that for a few hours.

Worked like a charm.

Piling furniture on the canvas to keep it from lifting up.

I love the way they look now in my daughter’s room up at the cabin. The artwork fills the blank wall nicely.

The canvas artwork hanging in the bedroom.

 I’m going to add some faux cherry blossoms to the twig heart art I think.

A twig heart hanging on the wall above the bed.

These mirrors used to be in the powder room at home. They look lovely here.

The antlers I recently found at Home Sense.

I just love the pink fabric for the curtains.

Antlers on the wall beside pink curtains.

They fit so nicely in her Scandinavian room.

Wallpaper hanging above a console table with a pink vase with lavendar beside it.

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