My Top 12 Most Popular Posts of 2015

A look back at my top 12 most popular posts of 2015!

Well, we’re coming to the end of 2015 and what better way of ending the year with some recaps of our best, popular posts.

Having a look through my Google Analytics was fun this week to find out which articles my lovely readers found the most interesting and informative!

I always know which ones I like best but sometimes you guys like completely the opposite so, like I said, it was fun to find out what were YOUR most popular posts.

For top posts of all time, my DIY Blackout Curtains are at the top as always as well as 10 Things NOT to Say to Your Adopted Children.

But for this year, here are my Top 12 Most Popular Posts of 2015.

My Top 12 Most Popular Posts of 2015 graphic.

I chose 12 because those were the easiest ones by a long shot, the rest seemed to meld in to one another after that.

I’d also lose your attention after 13 I figured.

So starting at No. 12

It’s the Ugly Coffee Table to Kids’ Play Table

Ugly coffee table to kids play table.

No. 11

Beautiful Master Ensuite with Before Photos

Sometimes you live in a space so long you forget to take photos of it. That’s what happened with my spacious ensuite.

The floor plan of my master bedroom was strange and incredibly large to say the least and it’s one of the first things that was renovated when we moved in.

But it took forever and a day for me to take photos of the fresh redesign.

Beautiful master ensuite with white finishings and pink flowers. No. 10 is fittingly….

10 Tips to Make Your Rental Organized & Homey

It’s been quite the year this year. I moved from the house to a rental and I am now renovating a house.

Downsizing made it a requirement to purge and organize my space even more and my readers agreed!

Organizing your rental with a closet, bed and toiletries featured.


Pumpkin String Art

It’s amazing what some new paint, nails and string can do to a pumpkin!

A white pumpkin string art on the kitchen counter.

No. 8

Ugly Bird Dresser to Beautiful French Dresser

I have had a few comments that saying they liked the before better. Although the artwork was nice, it wasn’t me.

And the dresser was found curbside. So I’m assuming the owner and everyone passing it by didn’t like the before either.

I love the dramatic after reveal!

 Ugly bird dresser to beautiful French dresser.

No. 7

Hot Milk Cake

This delicious recipe was from my grandmother and it’s such a classic!

There has been so many hits on it and many people saying it was a favourite of their grandma’s too.

 Hot milk cake graphic.

No. 6

Vintage Neutral Fall Tour

Even though it’s a tiny space, you loved my restrained neutral fall tour. Thank you friends!

A steel olive bucket one a side table in the hallway.

No. 5 

Industrial Vintage French Kitchen

I had my kitchen renovated in 2014 but it took me until 2015 to post about it! I still love this kitchen.

 Industrial vintage French kitchen.

No. 4

Rustic Industrial Kitchen Shelves

These shelves came all the way from Alabama. I love them! They went into the Not-So-Rustic-Cabin.

Rustic industrial kitchen shelves.

No. 3

Gorgeous Kitchen Lights

Again, in the same Not-So-Rustic-Cabin kitchen, you guys went gaga over these pendant lights.

Rustic kitchen lights with black wire over the kitchen island.

No. 2

Simply Shabbilicious Christmas Magazine 2015

I was featured in Simply Shabbilicious Christmas Magazine. It was such an honour.

Thank you, Kerryanne!

Simply shabbylicious Christmas magazine 2015 poster.

And the No. 1 top post is……..surprisingly…

Sweet Little Bungalow Renovation Series

Sweet little bungalow poster.

I say surprisingly because there are no ‘beauty shots’ in this post. It’s all before photos.

But I believe you guys have been following along with me and are excited to see what the next adventure holds for me.

Yes, I’m renovating another house. I’m in a rental currently and it’s been fun to start picking out elegant new fixtures and flooring.

I’ll have mood boards aplenty to show you and renovation photos coming up this week or next week.

It’s been one crazy year and I thank you so much for all your support.

Please make sure to see the Best of 2015 of my blogger friends too!

Thank you, Abby, for organizing us bloggers with this post. The Best of 2015 poster.

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  1. Great roundup, Jamie! I’ve just found your blog through Brenda’s and I’m catching up on posts – love what I see! I’m wishing you luck in your new home – I also recently bought a new home all on my own – it’s the best feeling! Wishing you much happiness in 2016 – Debbie

  2. It’s amazing what you have done and accomplished and shared given your hectic year, Jamie!! I can’t wait to follow along on the new series:) Happy New Year, friend!!

  3. Great post Jamie. Thank you for putting that list together. I have to admit there are a few of my favorites in there too! Of course.

  4. And like me, you end up splitting up, and I’m assuming, like me, you didn’t get to take that stuff with you. Or did you? Well, anyway, you’ll love your new space because it’s yours. Any size home is wonderful if you’re happy in it. There’s nothing worse than living in a beautiful home with someone you no longer love. No home is worth that. You go girl! I’m cheering for you!

  5. You’re such a rockstar, Jamie! I still LOVE that kitchen so much! I can’t wait to see what you do with the next place, you have such an eye for beautiful! Happy New Year sweet friend! xo

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