The Best Black Paint Colors from Benjamin Moore

Check out the refined look of my favorite black paints for your home!

A black front door on the inside of the house.

Today I’m sharing my favorite black paint colors with you! As you know, I’m a neutral loving girl so black paint might not be my go-to color but used in the right way, it can make such a beautiful, classic standout difference to your home.

Check for the Light Reflective Value Number

What may help you in determining the best black for your space is to consider the Light Reflectance Value number or LRV.

On a scale of 0-100, true black is zero and pure white is 100. So the closer to 0 will show how dark the color is and the farther you move away from 0, will show how much white is added to the black.

You’ll be able to look at the LRV number for any paint color and see that the higher the number, the lighter the color. For example, Black Beauty has an LRV of 5.32 which is closer to 0 so closer to true black than Wrought Iron that has n LRV of 8.17

This should help you narrow down your search!

Best Black Paint Colors

Benjamin Moore Onyx LRV 4.99

We used Benjamin Moore Onyx for our front door. Both the exterior and interior are painted the same color and we love it! It’s the only black paint used in the house.

Onyx is a true black with no detectable undertones, definitely a black go-to!

The black door and black handle with white walls around it.

Onyx black is used in this photo below as well. What a beautiful banquette!

A sitting area by the front door painted black.
via Ramage Company

Benjamin Moore Black Beauty LRV 5.32

Black Beauty is very similar to Onyx but not as dark as it has a higher LRV. The contrast between Black Beauty and the white and wood makes for a stunning kitchen like in the image below.

A white and black kitchen with the cupboards painted black.
via The Lifestyled Co

Benjamin Moore Soot LRV 6.19

Soot is more of a dark charcoal color with warm blue/grey undertones. It adds such a beautiful warmth to a space when paired with light wood like in the image below.

In the kitchen the shelving unit takes up one whole wall and is painted black Satin.
via Pike Properties

Benjamin Moore Black Satin 4.58

Black Satin has a bit of a green/blue undertone but similar LRV as Black Beauty. I love this rich depth of paint color.

A bathroom with dark walls and cabinet.
via Benjamin Moore

Benjamin Moore Wrought Iron LRV 8.17

Wrought Iron is a softer black with dark grey undertones. When compared with other blacks, it’s noticeably lighter, like against my stylish Onyx door below.

The black painted door.

But on it’s own, Wrought Iron looks like a deep, rich black, not grey at all.

The walls in the image below are painted with Benjamin Moore Simply White which I have everywhere in my house…hmmm a black ceiling would be stunning!

A wooden dining room table painted black with small trees beside it.
via Timber Trails

Benjamin Moore Black Ink 5.81

Black Ink is another rich black with a very subtle blue undertone which makes it a more cooler black than Onyx or Black Beauty.

A formal dining room with the walls painted black and white.
via Benjamin Moore

I hope this has helped you feel confident to pick out the right black paint color for your home.

Have you painted black in your home before? What is your favorite black paint? Let me know in the comments below.

Make sure to pin it for later!

The Best Black Paint Colors from Benjamin Moore.
The black front door with a white cat in front of it.

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  1. I always enjoy your posts
    I live in west vancouver( not far from where you live I think?
    I have used Benjamin Moore “wrought iron ” in a few spaces in my home, French door from kitchen to dining room and double French doors from kitchen to deck.
    I’m thinking of painting end wall of my living room which faces south and has a ginormous flat screen tv on it ( hubby’s idea, not mine) the same bc wrought iron, any advise on this venture? Thank you, I could probably be your grandma and love your cheery attitude and youth!!! ….. and all the great decor in your home!!
    Fondly, Pamela

    1. Hi Pamela,
      I used to live in West Vancouver, now I’m in North Vancouver! It’s so hard to give advice on paint color without actually visiting the home. You can try a sample of the paint to see what it looks like or find something similar on Pinterest for inspiration.
      Hugs, Jamie

    2. We painted a large wall where our fireplace is with BM Wrought Iron, and we love it! I say go for it if you haven’t already.

    3. Hello Pamela,

      I loved the black paints used in these projects. When ordering samples online, I noticed that the LRV’s listed for most of these blacks on your article do not match with Benjamin Moore website. Not sure if they changed their formula or what not, but any feedback will be greatly appreciated.

      Thank you,


      1. Hi Maibe,
        I’ve noticed that too. They must have changed the LRVs on their website recently. I’ll update my post.
        Thanks, Jamie

  2. Hi Jamie,
    Your door looks fantastic. Your blog has been very helpful as I plan my paint projects.
    I’m having my front door painted Onyx. BM recommends the soft gloss finish. Do you concur?
    Many thanks.
    Best, Gina

  3. Hello,
    Is the Benjamin Moore Onyx paint on your front door in matte or satin finish? I will be painting our door in the same colour but can’t decide whether to use matte or satin as I tend to prefer the matte, minimalist look in general. Thanks!

  4. Hello Jamie, would you be able to tell me if you used the Aura, regal select , or Ben? And which finish did you use?

    Thanks so much for your time!

  5. Hi Jamie, I want to paint a wall in my powder room and wonder which back you’d recommend and what finish is good for a bathroom? We have Benjamin Moore Decorator white on the other walls. I love black and white together. Thanks for your insights.


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